Just finished reading 70-Seas and the 70 Seas Extras. It definitely gives a bit more context to certain parts of Latchkey Kingdom! Overall, I enjoyed 70 Seas and right around chapter 10 I started seeing characters that appear somewhat prominently in Latchkey Kingdom. Meanwhile in the Extras there’s a bit more expansion on side characters (Snake Guy, Hilde) and some of the popular characters for patreon art requests that otherwise don’t show up much in LK or 70S’s main comics like the twin sisters and that Barbarian wizard slayer lady.

I will say though, the main comic is pretty solid and has a relatively consistent sense of humor that lines up pretty well with Latchkey Kingdom. The extras shift considerably in tone, though. Some are great. Some just don’t appeal to me. And well, there’s one or two jokes in 70 Seas that aged horribly. But still, overall more than worth $8!

Now Saving: Decepticon Rainbow Dash

Yesterday: Saw Transformers: Age of Extension. Rainbow Dash from MLPFiM  was in it. And niece got a splinter and shouted a lot and stuff. Played some Awesomenauts. Attempted to play Hearthstone, but family needs meant I never got beyond turn one before having to leave. Thought about playing more Skyrim, but then movie happened. No code progress on any current projects. Need to wash clothes, but washer is bork. Might hand-wash.

[2014-07-14 21:54:09] <Retl|Zzz> Niece got a splinter, made a lot of noise and fuss
[2014-07-14 21:54:18] <Retl|Zzz> shouted at the mother, who then started crying
[2014-07-14 21:54:33] <Retl|Zzz> Sister, Brother, and nurse aides have now all shown up because
[2014-07-14 21:54:40] <Retl|Zzz> and just
[2014-07-14 21:54:43] * Retl|Zzz curls into ball

[2014-07-14 20:10:47] <Retl-Auto> Movie was OK butt fun
[2014-07-14 20:10:50] -!- You’re now known as Retl
[2014-07-14 20:11:04] <Retl> Age of Extinction
[2014-07-14 20:11:14] <Retl> AKA the Decepticon Rainbow Dash movie
[2014-07-14 20:11:33] <Retl> This is the only one in the series I’ve seen. What confuses me is specifically that
[2014-07-14 20:11:39] <Retl> it seems to be trying to hit all-audiences
[2014-07-14 20:11:47] <Retl> But completely fails in that by having too much everything.
[2014-07-14 20:12:19] <Retl> It’s not a kids movie. Too much butts and swearing for that. Not really for diehard transformer fans, as it’s 50% not even about the transformers
[2014-07-14 20:12:41] <Retl> And then when they do get interesting characters, because of all the other things they’re balancing, they don’t get much time to be interesting.
[2014-07-14 20:12:54] <Retl> that said the dino thingies or whatever
[2014-07-14 20:12:56] <Retl> FREAKING AWESOME
[2014-07-14 20:12:59] <Retl> i want porn of them do it now
[2014-07-14 20:13:30] -!- You’re now known as Aretl
[2014-07-14 20:13:41] -!- You’re now known as R34l
[2014-07-14 20:14:17] <R34l> why did I search for that

Now Saving: We’ve Managed to Avoid Projectile

12:59 <Retl> …
12:59 <Retl> It took me entirely too long to realize I could mute the Hearthstone music in the options menu
13:01 * Retl starts hearthstone match
13:01 * Retl hears mother PANICKING
13:01 * Retl gets up front and she thinks her other son got shot
13:01 <Retl> Apparently someone’s mower sent a rock all the way through the window
13:01 <Retl> our window
13:01 * Retl comes back to Hearthstone and he has lost. But brother SEEMS ok
13:01 * Retl goes to check
13:03 <Retl> I’m just slightly britter that I immediately lost a ranked match I didn’t even get to play

Quicksave: Role

I am more pleased with myself as a software developer than I recall feeling as an artist. Unfortunately, not as much to show for my past week’s efforts. Most recent version of my Kongregate project will be here: http://retl.github.io/IntelligentAgent16/game.html

SnipeShot doesn’t have anything to shoot yet, and the auto-attack on things within the Influence Area doesn’t work at all yet.  Movement is done by tapping/clicking within the Incluence circle.  I’m considering making it so that clicking outside the circle moves and clicking within it fires the aimed attack. What do you think would be better? Or maybe both styles should be selectable options?

(Overmare is on the backburner. IA16 might potentially get me a few dollars.)


Did: Overmare now saves data whenever an in-game hour passes, and reloads when the page is refreshed. There’s a delete data button if anything goes wrong. The dates and times are forgotten on reload though. Also, I replaced the black and pink glowy terminal interface with the beginnings of a Foundation interface. Copypasta abounds, but it should work for the time being. Also, I played Hearthstone for my first time at some point in the past week.

Today: I will go with my mother to her doctor appointment. That will be very soon.

Later: I dunno..

Save At Some Point

Gavii 2

[7:45:58 PM] Retl: Eh, I’m OK. In pain from a Stye + headache pains. I was convinced to try a Tylenol. I don’t believe it’s effective on me for some reason or another, though. Kinda spent some time moping about and occasionally looking at smut trying to pick my spirits up. Eventually just started playing the same games I usually do less out of a desire to play them and more for something to do without getting stressed out.
[7:46:30 PM] Retl: My bro went and bought some more meat to cook though, so I’m pleased about that. That’ll be nice tasting food with no questions about expiry for at least tonight and tomorrow morning.
[7:47:20 PM] Retl: I keep feeling like my return did more harm than good for the family, despite all the praise for getting the degree.
[7:48:24 PM] Retl: On the good side of things, I shared those griffon pics with the writer who created that character. He was amused and pleased that I was invested enough to draw her. The same guy also went and looked at the few stories I wrote and left positive comments in response. So that’s nice
[7:50:14 PM] Retl: And I’ve kinda had LUA Click for me enough that I can do a lot of the things I want with it now. Though I’m just running into walls all over the place trying to actually make games. The ones that I would enjoy the most are overblown in scope. I try dumbing it down but tend to lose interest. Tried thinking if there were other activities in my life that I enjoy doing. The answers to that question don’t really turn into ideas for interactive experiences, though. Just blog material more than anyway.

Quicksave: Bad Dreams

Don’t eat spicy pizza before bed.

[05:13] <Retl2> Ugh, bad dreams
[05:13] <Retl2> Dreamed I was trying to make up with an artist that I used to sorta kinda look up to for making a character I liked a lot. For some reason, their webcomic had now turned into a privately made borderline nonsensical animated series. They welcomed me back into their house
[05:14] <Retl2> Long story short they gave me ‘free’ shoes and then immediately after some kind of alarm went off through out the entire state and there was a police chase
[05:14] <Retl2> I think I have issues with this person IRL and will never be able to really forgive them.

I’ve never known this person in person, so I have no idea why they’re so important to me in dreamspace or why I apparently keep visiting their house in dreams.

There were some other people I knew in the house too, though I didn’t recognize them at the time and they didn’t entirely recall me.

Either way. Dreams. Alarming. Also indigestion.

Aside from that, yesterday was mostly spent being grumpy about the family situation and questioning why I don’t get a job and move out. Only person here I’m concerned about is my mother, but I might be over-helping her…

Quicksave: Binge

  1. Murky Number Seven on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6WIK4SyzEPG1I7tVkRYGawubHSVB2289 I have only heard bits and pieces of this story. I don’t like it thematically, but the writing is reasonable.
  2. Beat the Shu storyline on Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Complete. Unlocked the first Hypothetical. Defeated Lu Bu in the Lu Bu bonus mission. Completed the race-to-the-end challenge level, but missed par time.
  3. RETL, NO
  4. Not much else. Did shopping the day before. Today was apparently free RPG Day, but I didn’t see anything I was interested in. Thinking about going to sleep soon.
  5. Drew some stuff last night. Didn’t post it.

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