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Contrary to what it might seem from how much time I spend using computers, I am not great with the science that makes electric things not-kill-people.

Dropped my EP121 while it was plugged in. This bit of the power adapter bent at a weird angle and now that small open section right where the metal meets the white bit keeps sparking if I plug it in and doesn’t charge well at all. Is this something easy to fix, or do I need to buy a new one?

What this means for people who follow my stuff sorta-kinda:

1) Less art. At least very little of it will be done digitally. I didn’t bring my old Wacom Bamboo with me when I came back to residence halls. Probably won’t be too noticiable because I’ve been on an art downturn in general lately anyway.

2) More time in computer labs and libraries on weekdays. I’ll need access to a computer during my group meets and it’s not worth the trip back to my room just for that.

3) Less time on Skype and Steam at night: I won’t drag my desktop machine to bed to finish the conversation, sorry.


Now Saving: Broken Software

On Friday, I stayed up late writing a kinda-buggy maze-solving routine for a stripped down simulation of a bot, which I intend to record to run on a BOE Bot. It can be found here It will often get stuck on a wall and confused as to how to properly move. That is because I am directly changing rigidbody.velocity during updates in a fashion that it is not supposed to, which makes movement inconsistant between frames.

On Saturday night, I started trying to write a very simple score attack game for Android devices where a bunny rams into stuff for points. As of current, all that one can do is jump by striking the Z or Left-Ctrl key on a keyboard or by tapping with two fingers and then releasing. You can also view a bit of info about how your touches are being tracked by your phone, so if your device can run it it could be roughly used as a diagnostic tool or something.  I wouldn’t recommend it though.  That can be found here:

Also, I learned the basics of using git  from terminal in Ubuntu without the Github client, and figured out how to point Monodevelop at a git respository (but I’m currently not using it, since that appears that it would ignore my content content files? I’m uncertain. Maybe I’ll play with it more in the future.)

Today I intend to: Uh. Stuff. Maybe I should draw something. I’m still far more behind on Stable 45 than I’d like to be. And I’d like to give at least one birthday present.  And I’ve been thinking about types of visual content I like that there isn’t a lot of.  Like what this guy does at a house of ill repute.

Now Saving: A Pleasant Day

Something something Ghosts Never Grow. Half baked ideas for a comic I'll never actually draw. It's Sandy from Fallout: Equestria - Better Days in some AU incarnation. And some really janky looking anthros.
Something something Ghosts Never Grow. Half baked ideas for a comic I’ll never actually draw. It’s Sandy from Fallout: Equestria – Better Days in some AU incarnation. And some really janky looking anthros.
Doodles when I coudln't sleep. Context is here:
Doodles when I coudln’t sleep. Context is here:

It was a fun day. Got a bunch of coding done and learned some new tricks. Also met with adviser and passed in a revised resume.  I’ll admit, I’m not pleased to learn I should customize it for each job applied for, but I’ll live.

Looked around at pics of Fluttershy and whatnot for about an hour and a half on Derpibooru. I think I kinda-sorta get the appeal of the character now, but I think I’m just biased after spending two hours drawing her being a silly filly. Still not my favorite pony, but one who contributes more to the group than I typically give them credit for.

Was fairly pleased with the day in general, even if I’m not sure why.

Now Saving: It Stopped Being Fun

I swear I remember these blogs being more fun in the past.

No, balloons don't actually deform that way. I didn't have reference images ready at the time.
No, balloons don’t actually deform that way. I didn’t have reference images ready at the time.

placeholder32x32 boundbox16x16 fp_downhard_lr


(Tumblr will only show the thumbnail. Fullsize is in the full post.)

Minor tweaks to the physics in Burst Party on Stable45. Half-way wrote one of the stories but haven’t added it to the site yet.

Added status indicators to units in Resonance. Found out that Unity3D supports MessagePassing and Message Broadcasting, so I can reduce the level of forced coupling between classes  if the code I need to communicate with is a gameObject component or a child-gameObject’s component. So instead of saying

public GameObject directReferenceToSomeGameObject; //You assign the object in particular via Unity3D's inspector. - Moore
VerySpecificScriptType theScript = directReferenceToSomeGameObject.getComponent<VerySpecificScriptType>();


I was able to use

BroadcastMessage("MethodIWantedToUse", someValue, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); //Not requiring a receiver is optional, but it silences some errors if you know you don't need a response. When trying to test, it's probably not going to help to disable the errors, though.

Which is nice. If for whatever reason a level designer tweaks the scene but doesn’t put in the status indicators or whatever other object that we expected to have VerySpecificScriptType, the code will still run without having to run for a coder to fix it. It also means if anyone wanted to have a different kind of gameObject handle MethodIWantedToUse(someValue), they just slap on another MonoBehavior that has the method name somewhere in there as a component for the announcing GameObject (for SendMessage) or as a component of a child (BroadcastMessage). Though I’m pretty sure there’s a performance hit for being less direct, and it can be a nightmare to troubleshoot if the message has a mistyped argument as the message will simply fail and not be responded to instead of claiming the method doesn’t exist / has wrong arguments.

And PnP was today. I showed up 2 hours late, arrived in a combat, and didn’t really have any productive role in combat, so occasional Get Bonus made some silly comments and stuff. It was alright. Spent a lot of that downtime playing SpiritStones on my Android smartphone in the background. Makes me want to try developing for Android a bit more.

Though apparently Get Bonus has a relative  named Get Laid hanging out somewhere in New Unicornia’s House of Ill Repute (Which I had been misreading/writing as “respite” for two or three weeks now until I just looked it up on urban dictionary seconds ago. ) Whether or not they’re at all related to Get Lost is still up in the air.

Rewatched some of the season 1 episodes of MLPFiM. I don’t like it as much as I used to. Don’t know why.

Now Saving: Bonus Content

I don’t know a practical way of implementing it, but what if all those Youtube Let’s Plays and whatnot of different video-games were bonus content that became available when a person buys a copy of the game featured inf the video?

Played around with Lua some more. Installed Lua 5.2 on Ubuntu. Wrote a short loop thingy that takes input until the user types ‘quit’.  Meant to work it in Computercraft but never logged into Minecraft to try it there. I might make a text adventure or something, but I also sorta wanted to make a text-based combat game. If I wanna do that, I first need to figure out a way to implement timing in Lua. Briefly looked at a 2D game programming library for Lua but did not install it.

Got no productive work done on TSHE, S45, or Resonance.  Played some Awesomenauts.  Still trying to adjust to the idea that PnP day is now on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays.

Watched some Youtube. Played some Candy Crush. Candy Crush is frustrating.

Rendered this thing  in Digital Multimedia on Tuesday. I did not make these textures.


Now Saving: St. Patricks Day


Yesterday was that holiday with the green stuff. The cafeteria had SO MANY BALLOONS. THERE SO MANY. It was somewhere between awesome and scary and super distracting. Also, they were making reuben sandwiches and stuff and it was freaking tasty.


Oh and I worked on schoolstuff too at some point.


Now Saving: Goodfellas

Saw the movie Goodfellas. Didn’t like it. Didn’t expect I would. Spent the bulk of it confused.

Two hours burned working on G2’s TSHE. Had to review how to work with delegates and events to try to decouple some classes. Didn’t plan out the design patterns very well.

Now Saving: Yoshi’s New Island Bots

We’ve started working with BOE bots programmed with Basic Stamp Editor. Took me a bit to realize the language is Basic. Had some errors when dealing with subroutines that set us back more than we should have been. (Forgot to put an END command at the end of the main loop but before the subroutines.)

Yoshi’s New Island comes out tomorrow. 

When I saw Eggy Pop, I figured they had gotten rid of the Popping Balloons minibattle from the original, but there seems to be a new variant in Ground Pound Pop.  I’d really like to have that as a silly little fun thing to play on bus rides or short breaks. BUT. I don’t yet know if it’s possible to play those minigames solo or with an AI. It looks like it may be required to have a second player on a separate 3DS, and I simply won’t buy multiple 3DS systems just to play a balloon popping minigame I could probably recreate with more features relevant to my own interests *to run on my own phone* in maybe two or three months. Heck, maybe a few weeks if I wanted to take the $250+ I’d be dropping on two 3DS and a $40 game and instead spent it on getting a good 3D Modeler to make some custom characters for me and a sound and music guy to make mew a new BG tune and soundeffects for the characters.

… I’m kinda freaking tempted to do that. Make a balloon game for android and PC. Flesh out the modes…

Or. I could wait for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS to come out, and pick up that and YNI on the same day. Aside from that one minigame I really want to toy around with, the rest of the game looks like a passable tribute to the Yoshi series since YI, YS, YIDS, YTT, and YTaG.

(Man, I wish someone could recreate that highres Yoshi model Nintendo uses for the promo arts. That’d be fun to pose around~<3)

We did some stuff with Blender in Digital Multimedia. I spent the time trying to make a 3D bunnyperson model. It went OK. I’ll have to post a render sometime.

Spent some hours trying to revise the HLD, LLD, and Code Listings for Snr. Soft. Engineering in prep for the upcoming presentations and notebook review. Most likely, our team will change the role assignments for the upcoming phase. Hand off graphics to the guy who’s familiar with texturing and whatnot better than the both of us. Split GUI, PlayerBehavior, Camera, and UnitBehavior between me and the other guy’s who’s been great about troubleshooting code he wasn’t even tasked with writing to begin with. Not looking forward to fixing up the rest of these docs, but eh. It’s gotta be in the books. Because reasons!