Spent more time than I’d really like to admit playing the Gameloft MLP game for Android.  It’s not a good game, but it is cute.

Really glad to see the shuttles and food places running again. I missed having real meals. Bought a few more snacks for the cabinets just in case of another shutdown or something though. Mostly Chex trailmix and honey-roasted planters peanuts.

Reread the first chapter of Fallout: Equestria – Wild Wasteland. Listened to the new Idle Thumbs podcast and the new Polaris Podcast. Chatted with some friends on Skype. Spent a lot of time on IRC (#FalloutEquestria on Canternet) as usual.

Did a few pencil and ink doodles. Haven’t scanned them yet. Got a teeny tiny bit more work done on a commission. Hopefully I can get back in the groove and actually finish some.

Spent a little bit of time thinking back on some discussion I had yesterday. Far as I’ve internalized it:

I don’t enjoy drawing and sketching illustrations. I enjoy the result. However, my illustrations and love of balloons make up the bulk of my web-presence. I am not known for my programming skills- partly because of the academic restrictions on what I can and can’t share and still be considered academically honest. So if I’m unhappy about being known for my drawing as an applicable skill, I should make my other skills more well known.

In theory, that translates into me maybe doing a few more programming experiments and tossing those online.  Realistically, I might not even do that what with multiple group-projects.

While the excessive ‘omg you pressed a button, do you want to post about it on facebook’ in some games and things is really annoying, it’s still a really simple way to keep track of what was done in a way. If I had that kind of tracking done for me, but placed into a private log, that would be kinda nice.

Movie Night at Bubblegum started at 11PM and will probably last 1.5 – 2.5 hours. So now I’m watching that. And uh, I guess I’ll stop typing now. I’m also thinking maybe I’ll start taking snapshots of what I’m doing on my phone now and then and use those as images for dailies. Or maybe try out Instagram.