Daily: These Things Are Easy To Forget

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And now some stuff I didn’t draw.

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Re: “How Did Your Day Go?”


So-so. Drew some stuff. Got some art I paid for a while back. Washed clothes. Completed and submitted a homework assignment detailing my ‘ultimate multimate creating system’ (more than 30% of my choises were directly based on Large Pixel Collider), and played +1h of Awesomenauts.‏

I also finally got the video of my robot online, but now I feel less proud and more reluctant to share it. :B But it’s there!‏

Also spent an hour of time going through a chapter of a fanfic, highlighting sections of interest, and then leaving comments on everything I highlighted. Did it in Google Docs. Not sure that was an upgrade from copy-paste quoting, though.‏

Accidentally uploaded some old songs I made into Google Play Music. :S Which kinda makes me miss trying to make music and stuff, but I seldom feel the patience for it.
FoE PH Reread Progress
48 – Inferno: Blackjack confirmed for Nightmare Moon but doesn’t believe it. Rampage goes crazy, kills herself, comes back to life. Lacunae dies. Mister Shears dies.  Huge boss battles while on fire. Blackjack’s ‘guardian angel’ shows up again. BJ Dies. Again
49 – Consequence: Star-vision version of the Everafter. BJ and co start the long, crazy adventure back to Chapel. B-Team is disbanded.  Stygius, Yellowpony, Xanth Carrion, Spoon, Snails, and all other newbies depart.
50 – Selfishness: Fallen Glory requires BDSM in her relationship. Also, rainbow kicks of pain, and more information about Scotch Tape’s sexuality.
51 – A Good Day: In which BJ attempts a lot of things and most of it works out OK. Some people still get hurt or die, but for Hoofington standards, it’s a pleasant day.