Now Saving: Black Liquorice

Spent most of the day wanting to curl up and go back to sleep, but got into the swing of things… by nightfall.

Filled out new spreadsheets for SSE. Tried to animate an SVG hexagon. Didn’t work out. Traced a Griffon screencap and added a balloon. Because reasons.


Planning to take in my resume tomorrow for live crit.

Tried Black Liquorice for my first time. Was given to me by an acquaintance who usually works one of the shops I tend to buy snacks from every 2-4 days.  He got it from someone else. The feel was akin to that of mouthwash, but the taste reminded me of black jellybeans, rootbeer, and salt. It was interesting. The one I had was shaped vaguely like a curved fish. Was offered one that came in the shape of an *, but my teeth were kinda hurting from the first candy, so I declined. It was an interesting experience.