Now Saving: Yoshi’s New Island Bots

We’ve started working with BOE bots programmed with Basic Stamp Editor. Took me a bit to realize the language is Basic. Had some errors when dealing with subroutines that set us back more than we should have been. (Forgot to put an END command at the end of the main loop but before the subroutines.)

Yoshi’s New Island comes out tomorrow. 

When I saw Eggy Pop, I figured they had gotten rid of the Popping Balloons minibattle from the original, but there seems to be a new variant in Ground Pound Pop.  I’d really like to have that as a silly little fun thing to play on bus rides or short breaks. BUT. I don’t yet know if it’s possible to play those minigames solo or with an AI. It looks like it may be required to have a second player on a separate 3DS, and I simply won’t buy multiple 3DS systems just to play a balloon popping minigame I could probably recreate with more features relevant to my own interests *to run on my own phone* in maybe two or three months. Heck, maybe a few weeks if I wanted to take the $250+ I’d be dropping on two 3DS and a $40 game and instead spent it on getting a good 3D Modeler to make some custom characters for me and a sound and music guy to make mew a new BG tune and soundeffects for the characters.

… I’m kinda freaking tempted to do that. Make a balloon game for android and PC. Flesh out the modes…

Or. I could wait for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS to come out, and pick up that and YNI on the same day. Aside from that one minigame I really want to toy around with, the rest of the game looks like a passable tribute to the Yoshi series since YI, YS, YIDS, YTT, and YTaG.

(Man, I wish someone could recreate that highres Yoshi model Nintendo uses for the promo arts. That’d be fun to pose around~<3)

We did some stuff with Blender in Digital Multimedia. I spent the time trying to make a 3D bunnyperson model. It went OK. I’ll have to post a render sometime.

Spent some hours trying to revise the HLD, LLD, and Code Listings for Snr. Soft. Engineering in prep for the upcoming presentations and notebook review. Most likely, our team will change the role assignments for the upcoming phase. Hand off graphics to the guy who’s familiar with texturing and whatnot better than the both of us. Split GUI, PlayerBehavior, Camera, and UnitBehavior between me and the other guy’s who’s been great about troubleshooting code he wasn’t even tasked with writing to begin with. Not looking forward to fixing up the rest of these docs, but eh. It’s gotta be in the books. Because reasons!