Now Saving: Broken Software

On Friday, I stayed up late writing a kinda-buggy maze-solving routine for a stripped down simulation of a bot, which I intend to record to run on a BOE Bot. It can be found here It will often get stuck on a wall and confused as to how to properly move. That is because I am directly changing rigidbody.velocity during updates in a fashion that it is not supposed to, which makes movement inconsistant between frames.

On Saturday night, I started trying to write a very simple score attack game for Android devices where a bunny rams into stuff for points. As of current, all that one can do is jump by striking the Z or Left-Ctrl key on a keyboard or by tapping with two fingers and then releasing. You can also view a bit of info about how your touches are being tracked by your phone, so if your device can run it it could be roughly used as a diagnostic tool or something.  I wouldn’t recommend it though.  That can be found here:

Also, I learned the basics of using git  from terminal in Ubuntu without the Github client, and figured out how to point Monodevelop at a git respository (but I’m currently not using it, since that appears that it would ignore my content content files? I’m uncertain. Maybe I’ll play with it more in the future.)

Today I intend to: Uh. Stuff. Maybe I should draw something. I’m still far more behind on Stable 45 than I’d like to be. And I’d like to give at least one birthday present.  And I’ve been thinking about types of visual content I like that there isn’t a lot of.  Like what this guy does at a house of ill repute.