Now Saving: Anticlimax

Worked on putting this short sketch story thingy from earlier onto Stable 45:

Played: More Brave Frontier. Also, PnP day was today. In which we met Eris and then a bunch of NPCs disappeared.

I once suggested that one would most want to save after completing unpleasant or unfun tasks such that they wouldn’t have to redo them if the worst happened. Though sometimes it would be nice to be able to go back and fix the days that were not-so-nice with the foreknowledge of what happened in them previously. Though then I realized that that might be how I make it to the days I do write about. How would I know? If everything I had done in one pass had ceased to have ever happened, then there’s nothing of it to recall in the present. I couldn’t have sensed it with my body to interpret the signals to have memories of it with any particular body or anything.
They’re just a string of possible events that have not occurred in the realm in which I exist.


Is that what dreams are? Recall of existences that once were but no longer are? It would give dreams like the one I last wrote of a different degree of importance, I suppose.


A lot of anticipation and disappointments right at the start of the day. Waiting in a line 20 minutes to find out at the end that the guy in the fancy outfit cooking the unusual meal is not serving to students. To expect the bus at 12 and see it at almost 12:10. Still waiting to see what comes of the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, but my expectations have been knocked down a peg.

Admittedly, though, I woke up feeling immediately like giving up on the day and going back to sleep. Played videogames (Brave Frontier) on my phone for about two hours until that feeling went away. Still been feeling a little drained and meh, but I’ll live. I guess.