Now Saving: Walk the Line

This Napkin Note has been on my desk for weeks. Old random jotted down ideas for FoE sidefics.

Emailed some folks. Called other folks. Was called to meet and discuss terms of a potential job doing some web dev redoing of an existing website. Meeting later in the week, gotta go to a place I’ve never gone to before. It’s out of my comfortable walking distance. Borrowed some money from family to catch a cab.

I got that butterflies feeling when I found out I had to go some place I’ve never heard of until recently on my own. I almost never get that feeling. I hated it. Still get more than a little nervous when I think about it, but it’ll work out. Probably.

I’m fairly certain I’ve found a theme/topic I want to write about.  Not sure I want to deal with the stigma/baggage that will come with it if I do. And I’m not known for keeping my accomplishments secret, so if I commit to the project, I won’t ever be able to take it back if it blows up in my face. For as much as I say I don’t like fiction about criminals and whatnot, that’s almost exactly what I would be writing. About fictional would-be and actual criminals, bound only by the crimes and trying to live their lives.

‘Course, if I misrepresent it, I will be loathed. And if I represent things to accurately, I would be accused. Yay.

Okay time to go to a different meeting now bye.