Now Saving: 13 Days to Graduation

Tornado warning via phone around 4ish AM. Spent 2 hours in a bathrub with a blanket, pillow and mattress. Was fine, no obvious damage.

Cherry Pie, why are you in a cup!? Silly pony, that's not safe! The cream looks good on you, though. *Lick.*
Cherry Pie, why are you in a cup!? Silly pony, that’s not safe! The cream looks good on you, though. *Lick.*

Ate Frito Pie and Cherry “Deadshot” Pie for lunch/breakfast. Mm Mm yum.

Presented Resonance for Senior Software Engineering. Also saw another group do CSU Risk on the Microsoft Surface with custom tagged die, and a home automation solution with a web-based frontend. All that’s left are spreadsheets and the dreaded documentation. Yay. :n

Presented Stable45 for Digital Multimedia. Got mostly good response the peers that actively watched the presentation. I’m still disappointed that I never got the game done up quite like I wanted. Watched a buttload of other projects, from a Unity-based virtual museum, to a video mini-documentary, to a Batman fansite all about how dark and not-for-kids Batman is. (Which I think is mistargeted focus: focusing on it being ‘not for kids’ rather than ‘this is how these themes resonate with the nature of being an person in the real world without the safetys of family and friends ever watching’ but maybe it was intendeed to be shorthand?)

For Dinner, ate a variant on the Frito Pie with cheese sauce replacing the chili. I didn’t like it quite as much, but it was still fairly nice. Also had chicken nuggets and chicken quesadilla.

Took the Major Field Test. I scored 84% Games track. The second highest score of the same track was by the person who is currently working as my partner for the Games II Project.

Found an old NSFW F-List page I made. Not linking it here. Memo: F-List, not flist. Also might post a set of NSFW doodles up elsewhere on the net. Or not. Not sure.

Arrived at PnP 2.5 hours late. Found PC had shutoff at some point around 3PM ET for unknown reasons. Rebooted and joined in relatively blind. Party attacked by snakes. Party killed snakes before Bonus did much of anything. Another snake hid with one of the EPs that picked up animal training and was afraid and stuff.  Multiple members poisioned. Now camping.

Listened to the new PH chapter about 6 times since it came out. Good stuff.

Speaking of fic, I stll need to ask fic’s author if I can post my preview notes around or not. But I have to get in contact with them again.