Now Saving: Another Graduation Ceremony

Niece had a graduation ceremony. Lasted 2 hours, a third of the length of my own. When she resumes classes, she will be attending middle school.

Ate Mashmallow Mateys. SO MUCH MALLOW YOU HAVE NO IDEA and some cereal bits here and there.

Played Awesomenauts, Brave Frontier. Played Odd Job Couriers Fallout-Equestria PnP session. We were missing a player the whole session. It was mostly fleeing and being silly. Log is here.

Got confused about a bit of FoE PH’s events with an early main character’s high-tear equipment going missing. Ryx pointed out a quote right in the first chapter explaining where it went. Thanks for finding that for me!

I drew nothing. I coded nothing. I fic’d nothing. I should write about that one time when I had the really big bang.