Now Saving: So! How’d your day go?

I am what I ate: Noon: McDonalds fries and plain quater pounder with cheese for breakfast, brought by one of my mother’s attenders. With ranch dip and bbq dip as my niece did not specify her usual sweet and sour. 7PM: Made two Reuben sandwiches. Seedless Rye. Corned Beef. Swiss Cheese. Saurkraut. Thousand Island Dressing.  Drank water. Also ate some Marshmallow Mateys cereal because I wanted more sweet taste.

What I did with my life:
[11:28:54 PM] Retl: So-so. I’m falling into that overly comfortable routine of playing lots and lots of games (mostly just Awesomenauts and occasionally Brave Frontier, but BF is getting really grindy now). Tried to draw a thing after t he chat was like DO IT DO IT DO IT, only to be told I drew the wrong character. Still haven’t updated my daily log thing. Wrote up an introductory paragraph to remind me of that CMS style game I sorta wanted to make. Installed and setup the development environment for the Dart language. I’m not entirely sure why I shouldn’t just write my code in javascript to begin with, but I haven’t actually USED Dart yet. Just skimmed the intro tutorials and setup.
[11:30:09 PM] Retl: And just a few moments ago, I was looking up typography for mobile and website templates for futuristic themes. I know I probably don’t need to focus too much on the look right now as opposed to just getting my ideas for the game down, organizing it, and then implementing the most important bits. But I’d really like it to look nice to start with. 6.9 Even if it were nice looking placeholders or something
[11:30:19 PM] * Retl copypastes response as daily blog.

Also, got a phishing/prank email from on Outlook. Not nice. And my niece wanted me to raise the height of her tireswing, so I spent about half an hour trying to make it higher.