Quicksave: Bad Retl

Ate: Brunch: Open Reuben sandwich (Partially shared with mother). Dinner was Beef Franks with thousand island dressing, Monterrey jack and Jalepeno cheese on french bread + side of Marshmallow Mateys.

Did: Played videogames ALL FREAKING DAY.

Except for three hours.

  • Brunch, and making sure mother is OK.
  • Started working on the project I mentioned previously. Slapped together a template HTML page. Did a bit more reading about Object Oriented Design in Javascript (I’m not used to the whole class-less prototyping-based thing, but it doesn’t seem too tricky), reviewed when to use ‘var’ when declaring variables (always when in strict mode. Otherwise, use it to indicate local scope for a variable inside a function, else it will be grabbed at nearest available scope.) Glanced at ‘man man’ and ‘man gittutorial’ to remember the process of cloning, staging, committing, and pushing via commandline. Talked with father to order replacement powerplug for EP121. Discussed OTG cable for phone.
  • Dinner (Listening to FoE Heroes audiobook Chapter 29), and making sure mother is OK.

Games played: Brave Frontier, Awesomenauts, Dead Island Epidemic (New gift! Thanks, Inkie!) And I’ve been seriously considering buying into Wildstar for maybe at least one month. It turns out that Aurin can be Espers and Espers can be healers. And the healer ability ‘soothe’ makes a bunch of balloons appear for a little while and then burst. Which is like. WHAT I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR THE WHOLE TIME I WAS PLAYING OPEN BETA AND DIDN’T NOTICE. so I’d like to try that again or something

And uh. No movie night today due to Bubblegum’s vacation. A forgettable day, but not a bad one at all.