Now Saving: ‘Did you call me?’

Fallout: Equestria Episode 2
REMINDER: The Fallout Equestria Radio Play Episode 2 will be streaming live today in about 3 hours. After that, there will be some downtime before it arrives on Youtube and on MP3 form. Also, I’ll note that this is one of the first particularly unkind chapters. It’s not a stable anymore.


Ate: Hotdogs, jalapeno montery jack cheese, saukraut, on hotdog buns. + white chocolate kitkat bar.

Looking forward to: FoE Radio Play episode 2. Which I might end up strongly disliking, depending on how it goes. We’ll see. But it’s never been the grim, violent, and unpleasant things that I appreciated FoE or any sidefics for.

Did: Went grocery shopping again. Hardly bought anything due to distractions and lack of planning.

Let my mother use my phone to search for things and listen to articles with Text to Speech. She nearly lost the phone and had trouble getting my attention to help her. When I got up there, she called my phone with her phone and we got them both.

Mother just took a ride to the hospital with father and someone she used to work with. Said that something felt wrong with one of her legs. Niece wanted to go. Brother and sister showed up and told her to stay. She’s unhappy about that.

Brother seems angry about something. Didn’t tell me why. Not gonna bother asking. The noise is a bother though, but he’ll probably be leaving back to work shortly.

Sister was here. Also went back to work. Yay work.


Also I’m like 3 or 4 days behind on replying to Tumblr comments now.