Quicksave: HE TOOK MY TACO

  • Tried RPing again on Equestrian Dawn. It was OK. Character interactions were reasonable and all.  But I wasn’t very entertained. I just simply don’t enjoy the whole RP thing much.
  • Net connection going in and out repeatedly for no obvious reason. Second time this has happened this week. It didn’t make the whole RPing thing any easier.
  • Niece decided to catch a ride with someone to church in advance of a pool party she wanted to go to. Then she was upset when she was late to the party. She didn’t plan that out well.
  • Split a meal order with my father. Got nachos and a taco. He got a chicken thing. When we split up, he accidentally took the taco instead of the chicken thing. It tasted OK, but was a disappointment. Nachos were OK too.
  • Keep seeing a tumblr post reblogged about Misogyny, but no guide on how to actually get help for those feelings. Doesn’t help that some of the responses about it jump to cartoonish extremes to the point of being garbage as real world advice.