Quicksave: Base, Ranks, Tag, Perks, Books, Items, Misc

Almost won. Alllllmost.
Almost won. Alllllmost.

1: My brother cooked BBQ meats and made a salad and beans and stuff. It was pretty tasty. Drank sweet tea.  That was dinner. Brunch was hot dogs and hamburger with hickory smoked provolone on white bread.


2:  After pondering it a while, I changed the structure of the skill stats like barter to use arrays instead. While it means we’ll probably need to write dedicated accessor and mutator methods for each of those properties so that other objects look at the sum instead of the array directly, it also means that things like level-ups and skill-point assignment don’t need to spaz out recalculating the stat directly. Just change the base (index 0) with level ups and ranks (index 2) when skillpoints are assigned after level up. And tags would be assigned during character creation or when taking certain perks to a value of 15.

Also, added Level Up button.

3: One of these days, I will die. And it will be permanent. Would that mean I saved after my death and therefore can’t undo it? o_O