• Hit level 20 in TERA. Yay!
  • Played Awesomenauts with Inkie from the MU*. Yay!
  • Looped this song over and over lots. Yay! http://music.gamechops.com/track/no-yoshin-around-ft-mega-ran
  • Got mother’s morning meds all in order… though she slept fo
  • AC adapter for EP121 has arrived. SUPERYAY!
  • Diffused awkward situation when niece was dealing with false friends. (It’s okay to tell unwanted guests no. && Kids at a computer need supervision.)
  • Mother claims she took night meds. Noone else was around to confirm or deny it. However, she forgot to take a particular med that was on the tray in front of her…
  • Saw the last 20 minutes of Prince of Persia Sands of Time movie! Yay!
  • Phonecall at 12:30AM from father indicating that something bad has happened and he feels very sick and needs a pick up. He didn’t know where he was. It took him over an hour to check the map on the phone he used to call me, figure out where he was, and report back. A family member just left as of one minute  prior to writing this to pick him up. Hope he’s already. Had awkward realization that my father dying frightens me a lot less than my mother dying, when in terms of benefits and rationality, it should be the other way around. If this turns out to also be food/heart related, it is ill omen for my future health.
  • Walked in on a puff of cigarette smoke when I should have knocked. It feels like the smell is stuck to my nosehairs and it is not-nice.