Quicksave: ReSchedule


  • Finally drew this thing I owed NitoKa for almost a year.
  • Tomorrow, my mother’s medschedule shifts. And with it, my schedule will need to shift. We’ll see.
  • Played Brave Frontier and Awesomenauts.
  • Kids broke a wineglass. Tiny glass shards all over the kitchen corner. No easy way to get it up, but I tried. I need to buy a Broom, Dustpan, and Vacuum. The old ones are ineffective.
  • DID: Units now use Skill objects for representing skills. Leveling up gives skillpoints. Still no way to actually assign those skillpoints. PLAN TO: Create a name generator. A Namer object that knows how to go through a dictionary of names to create 1-3 name combos. Then child objects like Pony Namer, Griffin Namer, Settlement Namer. Same interface. Different dictionaries and combo rules.
  • Thought about rambling and whining about a variety of topics this morning. Didn’t.
  • Considering a livestream tomorrow. Still not sure on that.