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Tired. Drew Sandy. Did Classes. Played Skullgirls  for 15m.

Jan 21 23:29:03 <Retl> Man I had an interesting time in robotics today. We were blazing through the programming portion until we hit a problem where our robot simply couldn’t turn while everyone else’s robot was working fine
Jan 21 23:29:38 <Retl> Turns out waaaaay early on in the construction of the thing, we used a 7unit axel instead of an 8unit axel. Just enough for everything to FIT but not enough for the entire servo to spin the wheel
Jan 21 23:30:19 <Retl> So we spent half of an hour taking it apart trying to see if we had busted motors, then another 15 once we found out it was actually the axel, not the motor. and by that point we were so far behind everyone else that people now had their robots going around racetracks
Jan 21 23:30:35 <Retl> And I’m like
Jan 21 23:30:45 <Retl> CHEATER UNICORN MAG-no I didn’t actually say that
Jan 21 23:31:36 * NitoKa pats Retl
Jan 21 23:32:01 <Retl> Seriously though, that’s making an extremely minor mistake with all of the parts neatly sorted in a box to pick and choose from
Jan 21 23:32:13 <Retl> Imagine trying to build a robot in the wasteland where nothing is labeled and everything is juryrigging
Jan 21 23:32:16 <Retl> Or whatever the term is
Jan 21 23:32:23 <NitoKa> thats the right term
Jan 21 23:32:55 <Retl> Anyway
Jan 21 23:33:35 <Retl> http://sta.sh/28zp016var8?edit=1 I was trying to draw a Hellhound/DiamondDog pup for an acquaintence/friend/person. I didn’t like how it was going so I GAVE UP ON THAT and then just drew it like I usually draw anthro type characters
Jan 21 23:34:12 <Retl> But I just can’t figure out what’s going on with the diamond dog faces in the show. I see that their lower jaw is far more prominant than the upper portion of their mouth. But when I draw it, it looks freaking janky
Jan 21 23:34:32 <Retl> I point this out to you because hau du eye feex
Jan 21 23:34:44 * InsanebowDash has quit (Quit: Buh bye now.)
Jan 21 23:35:13 <Retl> Uh wait frig did I ever post the link
Jan 21 23:35:19 * Retl goes to- oh yeah I did
Jan 21 23:35:21 * Retl tired