Mid-Day Daily RL Ramble Thingy

It’s my first time trying to have something mailed to my campus mailbox. To make sure I had the correct key and box and everything, I went down and checked it. Had a letter addressed to someone else in there, so I handed that back to the post people to return if they wished.

A little bit of drama in an IRC thingy I follow when a user who I kinda liked was banned indefinitely for reasons I’m not privy too.

And I guess my bright and colorful prototype project demonstration was either offputting with the character design, or intimidating with scope such that pretty much the only people to approach me with willingness to work with me are a guy who would really rather have me do their team for the 2D graphical assets (which wouldn’t do much good in a programming course anyway) and another guy who isn’t fond of having the kind of animal-esque characters in their portfolio, but is making something I’d be interested in gameplay wise. (Also, they don’t sound too confident about their coding skills.)

But yeah, just lotsa ‘this is not what I expected’ -> ‘ what do I do now?’ -> ‘brief flailing panic’ -> resume usual routine