I spent more than three hours drawing today. It was a lot like my past Puppysmiles artbinges, but with a different character to focus all of my affections and fantasy projections onto. It was fun, and perhaps a little bit inappropriate- I drew some things first and asked permission later, though it worked out in the end- and ultimately helped me figure out a posture that makes starting/stopping  drawing with my EP121 much muuuuch easier. Hopefully, this will help me go back and knock out any remaining owed art.

(Given the nature of the art, it will go in my alt-tumblr (Retl2) and wordpress separately.)

Somehow managed to make my chin bleed while typing this. Think I scratched something without paying enough attention to it.

Went to an ACM Student Chapter meeting much earlier today. Turns out some of the guests were not only inviting to hackathon, but invited their OWN guests which were business owners looking to hire for technical software development. Might not be a game job, but darn that’s tempting… But at the time I had the minipanic I described earlier today, and left the room as soon as the meeting ended without talking to the business person. I didn’t want to accidentally make too bad a first impression by approaching wrong at the tail end of a meeting that showed to more out of hope to meet my team mates and maybe have some free pizza than for the meeting. 😡

Aaaand, now I’m off to watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

– 4-1, Hop ‘n’ Pop Till You Drop, features lots of aerial platforming and floating balloons to traverse
– this level also features bubbles filled with enemies and bombs
– for each flower you collect in a stage, you’ll get one chance at receiving a medal from the end goal
– when you obtain 30, the bonus level unlocks

^- I am so sold on Yoshi’s New Island now, judging on that level name.