Played Awesomenauts. Tried to color this thing which is gonna be an alt to http://retl.tumblr.com/day/2013/11/01 when I get done. Or combined with it.

First time walking around on a snowed-over landscape. It was far trickier and slipperier than it looks. Doesn’t feel as cold… at first. But it gets really unpleasant after > 2 minutes in the stuff. I probably should have took photos.

Played PnP today. Get Bonus punched a Boss Mantis with a paper on his hoof. The paper exploded into confetti. +500exp.

Started reading Fallout: Equestria – Taking Life by the Horns. I recommend it.

Had Beef Jerky again for my first time in a good while. It was tasty. Also have a sizable pack of ramen noodles for tomorrow and incase things ever freeze over again.

Noticed that an “RKEngine” was mentioned in the Gameloft MLP games’s credits. Far as I can tell the RKEngine was created for a game called Roketz which was abandoned. The portions of the engine which were created were wrapped over by other developers and used as a part of the core that makes the MLP game (and the LPS game) run. I don’t have the knowhow to unofficially port the game to Windows or Linux, or even  parse the files for the game’s models and animations. (And I thought The MLP game was using some particularlly dirty freemium tactics to con players into feeling like they needed to pay to play the game, but LPS is much more blunt about it right out of the gate.  SPEND YOUR BLING TO BUILD [product placement] SPEND YOUR BLING TO PUT A [product placement] IN YOUR [product placement]. BLOWDRY YOUR PET BY SPENDING BLING no we’re not going to confirm if you meant to spend bling you tapped it you clearly meant to spend it.) The MLP game is not a great game, but it is an OK one. Having a windows port would be nice, but I suspect the decision to keep it just on moble is specifically to make their freemium structure harder to circumvent. It’d be nice if it had a flat-fee alternate version though.