Did: Overmare now saves data whenever an in-game hour passes, and reloads when the page is refreshed. There’s a delete data button if anything goes wrong. The dates and times are forgotten on reload though. Also, I replaced the black and pink glowy terminal interface with the beginnings of a Foundation interface. Copypasta abounds, but it should work for the time being. Also, I played Hearthstone for my first time at some point in the past week.

Today: I will go with my mother to her doctor appointment. That will be very soon.

Later: I dunno..

Save At Some Point

Gavii 2

[7:45:58 PM] Retl: Eh, I’m OK. In pain from a Stye + headache pains. I was convinced to try a Tylenol. I don’t believe it’s effective on me for some reason or another, though. Kinda spent some time moping about and occasionally looking at smut trying to pick my spirits up. Eventually just started playing the same games I usually do less out of a desire to play them and more for something to do without getting stressed out.
[7:46:30 PM] Retl: My bro went and bought some more meat to cook though, so I’m pleased about that. That’ll be nice tasting food with no questions about expiry for at least tonight and tomorrow morning.
[7:47:20 PM] Retl: I keep feeling like my return did more harm than good for the family, despite all the praise for getting the degree.
[7:48:24 PM] Retl: On the good side of things, I shared those griffon pics with the writer who created that character. He was amused and pleased that I was invested enough to draw her. The same guy also went and looked at the few stories I wrote and left positive comments in response. So that’s nice
[7:50:14 PM] Retl: And I’ve kinda had LUA Click for me enough that I can do a lot of the things I want with it now. Though I’m just running into walls all over the place trying to actually make games. The ones that I would enjoy the most are overblown in scope. I try dumbing it down but tend to lose interest. Tried thinking if there were other activities in my life that I enjoy doing. The answers to that question don’t really turn into ideas for interactive experiences, though. Just blog material more than anyway.

Quicksave: Bad Dreams

Don’t eat spicy pizza before bed.

[05:13] <Retl2> Ugh, bad dreams
[05:13] <Retl2> Dreamed I was trying to make up with an artist that I used to sorta kinda look up to for making a character I liked a lot. For some reason, their webcomic had now turned into a privately made borderline nonsensical animated series. They welcomed me back into their house
[05:14] <Retl2> Long story short they gave me ‘free’ shoes and then immediately after some kind of alarm went off through out the entire state and there was a police chase
[05:14] <Retl2> I think I have issues with this person IRL and will never be able to really forgive them.

I’ve never known this person in person, so I have no idea why they’re so important to me in dreamspace or why I apparently keep visiting their house in dreams.

There were some other people I knew in the house too, though I didn’t recognize them at the time and they didn’t entirely recall me.

Either way. Dreams. Alarming. Also indigestion.

Aside from that, yesterday was mostly spent being grumpy about the family situation and questioning why I don’t get a job and move out. Only person here I’m concerned about is my mother, but I might be over-helping her…

Quicksave: Binge

  1. Murky Number Seven on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6WIK4SyzEPG1I7tVkRYGawubHSVB2289 I have only heard bits and pieces of this story. I don’t like it thematically, but the writing is reasonable.
  2. Beat the Shu storyline on Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Complete. Unlocked the first Hypothetical. Defeated Lu Bu in the Lu Bu bonus mission. Completed the race-to-the-end challenge level, but missed par time.
  3. RETL, NO
  4. Not much else. Did shopping the day before. Today was apparently free RPG Day, but I didn’t see anything I was interested in. Thinking about going to sleep soon.
  5. Drew some stuff last night. Didn’t post it.

Quicksave: Day Over By Noon +1h

13:14 * Retl eats really messy food thing from fast food place
13:15 * Retl realizes after eating more than half of it that there was an included fork, and that he wasn’t supposed to use his hands

13:23 * Retl also realizes that super messy food item he was eating without a fork?
13:23 * Retl opened it upside down
13:23 * Retl now knows why it was so messy. :n

Sufficient summary of this entire day.

For what it matters, it tasted OK.

Quicksave: Benefits

[2014-06-20 00:09:03] <Retl> chargen
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> Name: Andromeda Airborne, Age: 21, Sex: Female, Kind: Pony
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> Level: 32
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> STR: 7, PER: 6, END: 4, CHA: 4, INT: 6, AGL: 6, LCK: 7
[2014-06-20 00:09:04] <bloons> Barter: 38, Battle Saddles: 42, Explosives: 48, Lockpick: 42, MEW: 57, Medicine: 41, Melee: 44, Mechanics: 39, Science: 45, Firearms: 42, Sneak: 35, Speech: 42, Survival: 33, Unarmed: 49
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <Retl> chargen
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> Name: Dj Jane, Age: 26, Sex: Yes, Kind: Pony
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> Level: 2
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> STR: 6, PER: 5, END: 5, CHA: 7, INT: 6, AGL: 5, LCK: 6
[2014-06-20 00:09:06] <bloons> Barter: 18, Battle Saddles: 14, Explosives: 13, Lockpick: 14, MEW: 14, Medicine: 15, Melee: 19, Mechanics: 15, Science: 15, Firearms: 13, Sneak: 15, Speech: 18, Survival: 13, Unarmed: 15
[2014-06-20 00:09:09] <Retl> chargen
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> Name: Ponies Hurdles, Age: 25, Sex: Male, Kind: Pony
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> Level: 35
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> STR: 6, PER: 6, END: 5, CHA: 5, INT: 7, AGL: 6, LCK: 5
[2014-06-20 00:09:10] <bloons> Barter: 47, Battle Saddles: 44, Explosives: 44, Lockpick: 51, MEW: 45, Medicine: 51, Melee: 48, Mechanics: 48, Science: 43, Firearms: 56, Sneak: 37, Speech: 41, Survival: 37, Unarmed: 40

Updated my fork of Bones to generate FoE Revised Rules PnP compliant base NPC characters. Descriptions, special talents,  tags, and equipment not included. https://github.com/Retl/BloonsPlusPlus

Though these are clearly not the type of builds players tend to make. They don’t focus skillpoints into specific skills then compliment with leftovers, they put points all over the place!

Now Saving: Pic

3rd wednesday june 2014

Drew this thing at some point.

Worked on namegen. SPECIAL is now randomly generated. Characters that are given level-ups will spend 10 skill points with every in-game tick when they have 10 to spend.  I should probably make it so that they can eat. Which would require settlements having food.  Thinking about working on regions soon, which would represent the general areas that the settlements are being made in.  Also changed the skills listing back so that they use the same skillset as FoE PnP Revised Rules.

Considered adding ‘scenarios’ which present a series of challenges and let the player try to build up characters to solve them.  Like needing a minimum amount of mechanics to start building a new home. Or trying to draft allies for an upcoming battle, and can let characters with high Speech or Barter deal with it, then other characters good with melee/firearms/unarmed/mew try to train them up in preparation.

  • Mother asked me some questions about an uncomfortable topic.
  • I am now responsible for scheduling the appropriate payment of my mother’s aides.
  • Heard mixed sections of Murky No. 7. Some sections of ch 1, 3, 15, 14, 24. Not my kind of fic.
  • Mother has an appointment tomorrow. I might be accompanying her.
  • Switched from Notepad++  to Eclipse for my Linux IDE for javascript development.
  • Thought about writing a fic. Decided against it.
  • I am sleepy now.

Quicksave: Overmare


I still probably need to retitle this thing sooner rather than later and piece together a decent concept doc. Anyway, that Name Generator thing I linked a while back? I’ve been working on that for the past three or so days. The name generation dictionaries are still kinda lax and not-great, but slowly things are starting to almost become a playable thing. Characters can be made and renamed. They get hungry/thirsty/sleepy… But they can’t eat, and can’t die.  And once a new character is made, they cannot be selected again…

But Retl, what happened to Bunny Bounce, and that shooting game, and those games you made for classes? I’ve shelved them all for the time being.They require a lot more work invested into graphical assets that I do not have the patience to do alone. Which is why the focus on ‘Overmare’ so far.  Less graphics needed to function, and if I really need to, I can add graphical elements later.

Today: Characters now report ALL skills, they are generated with an age and sex, they get hungry/thirsty/drowsy over time, and time auto-advanced, but can be disabled in the sidebar menu.

Quicksave: Digital Pony Funtime

Some of the ponyarts I commissioned went live. Yay Puppysmiles/Puppy.smls! There’s more coming later, too.

My copy of Journal of the Two Sisters came in. It’s fun thusfar. It’s exactly the kind of episode-style tales from new perspectives that I wanted.

New FoE Heroes chapter is out, the text and audiobook going live on the same day. Awesome!

New FoE Better Days chapter is out. It’s a little weird and surreal and neat.

Tried drawing some Scotch Tape screwdriver funtime and balloon Apple Bloom.  Not posting those here.

Also, Happy Birthday to my niece. Yay!

Oh Hey, You Found My Blog. Congrats.