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Pretty much played Awesomenauts all day long. Made it to Prestige 7.  Tried to draw a griffon. It didn’t go great.


Mental images that sound pretty: Cheerleader Puppysmiles, Pokey Pierce playing with balloons, the light side of MoM  (at a party?), balloonygriffon.

Things I am not even bothered about drawing right now: Any of the above.




Spent six hours working on a Candy.Red Q-Type prototype in Unity. Nothing polished, but I think it gets across general the idea of what kind of game I’m trying to make. In its current state, the most fun thing to do is to knock the attacking block high up into the air and try to meet up up and knock it around some more.

Did some doodles on the bus. I’ll post those later. Reread FoE Heroes from mid chapter 7 to the start of 10. 9 has the first time inside Clips and Clops, though he had been seen from outside prior.  9 is also where a certain weapon gets its name. 9 is also where a certain pair of ponies were dresses. It’s a fun chapter. I thought I had more to say about it, but it slipped from my mind.


candy_red Qtype

I made a somewhat ponified quadruped version of Candy.Red as part of my pitch for Games Programming II.



Tried to draw Puppysmiles drunk from licking too much salt based on some IRC chat I missed while at classes. It didn’t go great.

Met with SSE group to schedule when to meet and discussed game concepts that we could make. Met with advisor to get a DER in person. Forgot to get it SIGNED. Applied for graduation. There’s something weird with my credit thanks to my transferring in so I may end up having to petition for that.

Did some pencil doodles during class. Did not scan them.

Lost track of my PH reread. I think I’m somewhere in chapter 39 now? Started listening to FoE Heroes again during lunch breaks. Started on chapter 5 three days ago. Back up to chapter 7 now… or is it 9? Whichever one where Silver fights the really bad guy after getting caught doing work for the mustangs. Stopped not long after she finished fithing the big guy in the cage match and then was reminded that she had a job to finish.

Toys for Fillies and Foals

Silver Storm and her daughter Foundation playing with balloons.  Silver Storm is too heavy and strong to balance on hers without breaking it, but Foundation has no trouble.

Silver Storm and her daughter Foundation playing with balloons. Silver Storm is too heavy and strong to balance on hers without breaking it, but Foundation has no trouble.


Fanart for Fallout Equestria: Heroes.

Silver Storm and Foundation from <a href=””>Fallout Equestria: Heroes</a>. (At some non-specific time before the events of the story.)

Playing with balloons, which ended up in Marefort due to a merchant making an error during a transaction and having to get rid of them anyway. So now it’s theirs! And then the mother and daughter go and play whatever games they- mostly just Foundation- can come up with!
Naturally, almost all of these games involve Foundation winning and Silver losing. But that’s just the way of it.
Rougher WIP version can be viewed here:
Drawn in Firealpaca on Windows 7 with an ASUS EP121 tablet. I was on the fence as to whether or not to give dialogue to the characters or to draw in sound effects. I’m still not entirely against it, but I’m kinda at my drawing limit for the night, so onto the ponynet the picture goes!
So uh. Yeah.
Also, Fallout Equestria: Heroes is currently in my top three favorite Fallout Equestria stories. It really picks up in funnies once Flare is introduced. And I already liked Serenity, so that certainly helps my fondness for it. Worth giving the fic a try. Here’s the audiobook: