Blowups! (1/?)

(Tried to see what would happen if I did a 10m challenge instead of 20m. It doesn’t really give enough time to think. : /  But a half-hour might be a little too long to make it feel like a small investment. Also, I wrote this with my head kinda swimming and on the edge of sleeping, so uh. Stuff/)

“It smells like butts!” The blue colt wriggled his nose and then was promptly plunked down on a wooden stool. An orange filly’s green tail rearranged things at the table with the deftness of any other familiar limb momentarily before she whirled around and filled his vision with her large pink eyes.

“You’re not supposed to smell it!” The filly gingerly tapped the colt’s nose with a forehoof. “Be glad it only smells like butt! I think somepony used to use it as a chair. I’ll sell it to you for five caps if you want it.  don’t need it anymore.”


doodly_by_retl-d737gup (1)


Tired. Drew Sandy. Did Classes. Played Skullgirls  for 15m.

Jan 21 23:29:03 <Retl> Man I had an interesting time in robotics today. We were blazing through the programming portion until we hit a problem where our robot simply couldn’t turn while everyone else’s robot was working fine
Jan 21 23:29:38 <Retl> Turns out waaaaay early on in the construction of the thing, we used a 7unit axel instead of an 8unit axel. Just enough for everything to FIT but not enough for the entire servo to spin the wheel
Jan 21 23:30:19 <Retl> So we spent half of an hour taking it apart trying to see if we had busted motors, then another 15 once we found out it was actually the axel, not the motor. and by that point we were so far behind everyone else that people now had their robots going around racetracks
Jan 21 23:30:35 <Retl> And I’m like
Jan 21 23:30:45 <Retl> CHEATER UNICORN MAG-no I didn’t actually say that
Jan 21 23:31:36 * NitoKa pats Retl
Jan 21 23:32:01 <Retl> Seriously though, that’s making an extremely minor mistake with all of the parts neatly sorted in a box to pick and choose from
Jan 21 23:32:13 <Retl> Imagine trying to build a robot in the wasteland where nothing is labeled and everything is juryrigging
Jan 21 23:32:16 <Retl> Or whatever the term is
Jan 21 23:32:23 <NitoKa> thats the right term
Jan 21 23:32:55 <Retl> Anyway
Jan 21 23:33:35 <Retl> I was trying to draw a Hellhound/DiamondDog pup for an acquaintence/friend/person. I didn’t like how it was going so I GAVE UP ON THAT and then just drew it like I usually draw anthro type characters
Jan 21 23:34:12 <Retl> But I just can’t figure out what’s going on with the diamond dog faces in the show. I see that their lower jaw is far more prominant than the upper portion of their mouth. But when I draw it, it looks freaking janky
Jan 21 23:34:32 <Retl> I point this out to you because hau du eye feex
Jan 21 23:34:44 * InsanebowDash has quit (Quit: Buh bye now.)
Jan 21 23:35:13 <Retl> Uh wait frig did I ever post the link
Jan 21 23:35:19 * Retl goes to- oh yeah I did
Jan 21 23:35:21 * Retl tired





Awesome day. Yet. Boring day.

Briefly toyed around with FLStudio. Drew some Puppysmiles. Washed clothes. Spent most of the day having fun on the #FalloutEquestria IRC channel chat.  Tried a 20 minute fic-writing challenge which can be found here: Finished reading Fallout Equestria: Better Days up to current chapter (So I went from 7-12.) Read Fallout Equestria: The Long Winter chapters 1 and 2.

Confirmed for FoE PnP session this Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully I won’t ruin everything. Also confirmed a meeting this Wednesday night with the RA, which means I have to leave the play session early. And that’s gonna be awkward and not leave a great first impression. I also got to chat lots and lots with one of my favorite FoE  sidestory authors who had a day off today, and ramble a bit with another FoE sidestory author who experiments with lotsa things and is neat. I had fun, but don’t feel like I got much done.

I kinda didn’t feel like doing the daily blogpost today, but I guess I kinda like typing. Or something. And WordPress’s drag and drop upload is very convenient.



(I cheated and actually spent 23 minutes on this.)

As I glanced at the gift, then back to the mare who was offering it to me, I felt an odd shiver run down my spine. Like something was wrong about this, to be accepting what amounted to a symbol of adulthood with all the trappings of a friendly birthday exchange. I knew what it was before I unwrapped it.

A Pipbuck.  A slim, sleek pink ring of heavily enchanted plastic, measure to right right around a pony’s foreleg. Three large balloon-shaped buttons: two blue sandwiching the yellow in the middle of the row. A clear-as-ice rotillary dial flush with the upper rim. A particularlly shiny and oh-so-eyecatching section of the panel which was clearly intended to reduce that area’s magical insulation.

“Happy Birthday, Memory Editor! And congratulations on getting your cutie mark. You’re now officially an adult member of this Stable!” I thought Code Breaker, and how proud she’d be. I thought of Game Shark, and how he’d mouth off at length about the technical features of the device, and explaining how grateful I should be that such things were around for mere ponies to experience. I felt cold again. My unease must have been showing, as Catch Exception spoke up.

“I know it’s hard, having to do this so soon, but you’ll be fine. It’s in your blood. They would be proud. ” As if I didn’t know.  “And you’re not being given this to replace them-” Oh really? Then why me? Why today? “- but you have a special task ahead of you today that calls for your particular talent.” So you want meme to do what my Mom used to do? How swell. Wait, that’s not how this ceremony usually goes.

“Wait, what?” I started to slip the Pipbuck onto my hoof. It slipped smoothly up my left foreleg until I stopped. I felt a brief squeeze as the resizing talisman worked its magic, then a momentary prick, a small electric tingle that ran from my hoof to my heart then all around. And there went the overlays, one after another, displays informing me of my physical condition, my equipment, and a compass all started to pop into view with a rosey pink tint. Just like in the simulator, but quite a bit faster.

“Head to room 2B. From there, you’ll get your house-clone, your next special present, and from there just do what your Pipbuck says. ”

New Quest Added: Cheaters Never Prosper

Objective: Report to room 2B to be given your next parting gift and instructions. Good luck, Emmy.

“Well, fragbasket!”




Memo: THERE ARE NO BUSSES ON THE 1PM HOUR ON WEEKENDS. Also. Dunno if I wanna do dailys on weekends.

Little to report.

Met with SSE  teammate at 4 worked out a game idea and collaborative Google Doc in 1.5h in the library. Some concept notes. I need to scan the hand-written notes.

Chatted up a few fellows on Fimfiction. Got hyped about FoE Better Days again. Paused my reread of PH and Heroes to read chapters 7 and 8 of Better Days. They’re neat characters, and kinda remind me of the chars in FoE Ashes.

Wrote a few paragraphs from the perspective of a mid-war Ministry of Morale worker tearing himself down for young ponies, but trying to build himself up with a moral pillar from what must be his virtue. Hesitant to continue writing it or release it for the questionable subject matter.


Pretty much played Awesomenauts all day long. Made it to Prestige 7.  Tried to draw a griffon. It didn’t go great.


Mental images that sound pretty: Cheerleader Puppysmiles, Pokey Pierce playing with balloons, the light side of MoM  (at a party?), balloonygriffon.

Things I am not even bothered about drawing right now: Any of the above.




Spent six hours working on a Candy.Red Q-Type prototype in Unity. Nothing polished, but I think it gets across general the idea of what kind of game I’m trying to make. In its current state, the most fun thing to do is to knock the attacking block high up into the air and try to meet up up and knock it around some more.

Did some doodles on the bus. I’ll post those later. Reread FoE Heroes from mid chapter 7 to the start of 10. 9 has the first time inside Clips and Clops, though he had been seen from outside prior.  9 is also where a certain weapon gets its name. 9 is also where a certain pair of ponies were dresses. It’s a fun chapter. I thought I had more to say about it, but it slipped from my mind.


candy_red Qtype

I made a somewhat ponified quadruped version of Candy.Red as part of my pitch for Games Programming II.



Tried to draw Puppysmiles drunk from licking too much salt based on some IRC chat I missed while at classes. It didn’t go great.

Met with SSE group to schedule when to meet and discussed game concepts that we could make. Met with advisor to get a DER in person. Forgot to get it SIGNED. Applied for graduation. There’s something weird with my credit thanks to my transferring in so I may end up having to petition for that.

Did some pencil doodles during class. Did not scan them.

Lost track of my PH reread. I think I’m somewhere in chapter 39 now? Started listening to FoE Heroes again during lunch breaks. Started on chapter 5 three days ago. Back up to chapter 7 now… or is it 9? Whichever one where Silver fights the really bad guy after getting caught doing work for the mustangs. Stopped not long after she finished fithing the big guy in the cage match and then was reminded that she had a job to finish.