Now Saving: Save Frequently

I need to write these things earlier in the day. Doing it just before bed isn’t working as well here as it did in dorms/halls.

  • Today
    • Chatted with Puppysmiles on IRC. Yay!
    • No code progress
    • No fic progress
    • Planning on drawing a thing. Currently no progress.
    • Swept up a lot of spider webs. Sprayed ants.
    • Cleaned floor, counter, and dishes.
    • Installed Heart Failure Weight Monitoring device thingy on odd phone-jack that was detached from wall. If phone fails, I should check it again.
    • Niece got in trouble for back-sassing mother.  Then niece did a ‘disappearing trick’. Need to warn her against that.
    • Went grocery shopping. Bought a lot of different kinds of sandwich stuff. Also extra fruits for mother.  Hotdogs for niece. Stuffed Pretzel Sandwich for me.
    • Tomorrow is PnP day. Also, my niece participates in some end-of-semester ceremony.
  • Yesterday: I forgot. Playing Brave Frontier and Awesomenauts happened at some point.
  • Earlier days: I also forgot.



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Now Saving: Dead Battery

I thought that after graduating, I’d have a bunch to share. And truth be told, I kinda do! But I’ve been trying to readjust to living with the family and have been finding this readjustment to be the hardest part of coming back. Did finally get my desktop PC setup as a dual-monitor setup, but still haven’t unpacked my boxes from moving back in. Decided I wasn’t comfortable enough to write up the blog at my PC, so I’d boot up my EP121 and use the last of it’s battery to write up this entry. Battery’s currently at 33% percent with an estimated 50 minutes of run time.

  • Today: I worked on Super Bunny Burst II Turbo Bounce Carrot Edition  / Bunny Bounce Bubble Burst Blitz. Moving the MoveMarker now works, and the player character will follow it. It deactivated when the player reaches it and re-positioned on click.  Tried to re-build it for android, but forgot I had ADT installed on this EP121, not my desktop. Tried to rush-install it, but got weird errors that prevented the build. Updating the ADT overnight as I sleep.
  • Today: Mother fell again, but was mostly OK. Her knee is hurting her now, but she didn’t fall on anything sharp.
  • Today: Awesomenauts updated again, including the new character Sentry and the new Replay mode to rewatch matches that were played. Spectator mode doesn’t seem to be in yet, though.
  • Yesterday: Played around with WildStar and Awesomenauts, but most of my time was spent tending to family.
  • Monday: Graduation was freaking long, boring, and I wore uncomfortable (but cool-looking) shoes for the whole thing. That would be a longer post to get into. Just before the graduation, I returned the key to my room and everything. The lady who checked my room was kind enough to come a few minutes early instead of making me and my family wait outside in the uncomfortable heat until the specifically designated time (within 15 minutes). I very much appreciate that she did that, because there was no safe way my mother was going to get up those stairs. Almost everything checked out except the bedroom blinds, which will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Sunday: That was the day I moved back out of my room and back in with the family. Niece wanted to go to the mall, so we spent about an our there. I was wearing my old and kinda broken slide-on open-shoe thingies and I think I made my feet more than a little sore and swollen from walking around on those for as long as I did. Everything went fine, though.
  • Pics: I’ll post those another time, I guess.

Quicksave: PnP

Was gonna write up a thing about graduating and last days on campus and jobseeking…

And then I remembered that living with family comes with a lot of distractions. Cleaned off computer desk and have a dual monitor setup now, though.

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow.  A nice thing is happening tomorrow.

Quicksave: Achievement Unlocked

22:18 <Retl|Zzz> I almost ALMOST went to sleep early
22:19 <Retl|Zzz> But then suddnely I was like I CAN THE CODE
22:19 <Retl|Zzz> and then a google chrome extension popped out

While I’m proud to have written my first functional, practical Google Chrome extension, I do not intend to publish it. It only works with a specific site, and that site is not one I can recommend in good conscience.

And while this technically makes two saves in one day, just consider the previous one as all the posts I should have done in the days between.

When I made this blog, it was supposed to be about fictional words. I haven’t written much any of those, have I?

Also, switched BunnyBounce to work with Unity2D assets, and now works with gamepad.

Now Saving: You will Grad in 5 days.

Alright, so I kinda fell behind on writing this thing. This is that post that I owed! Which is kinda being written more because I feel that I should than out of a need to record tasks which have been completed recently.

Something something something PIX

s_pages-1 s_pages-2 s_pages-3 s_pages-4

  1. On Friday, I:
    1. Met up with Ben. Recorded video and audio for The Seas Have Eyes postmortem presentation. Did something akin to pair-programming with another unrelated project. We didn’t switch roles though. I was observer and helped troubleshoot some errors with GetComponent<>() and using doubles where floats were needed. That made up a large portion of the day. Also, we talked about MLPFiM.
    2. Washed clothes.
    3. Played a bunch of Brave Frontier in the downtime.
    4. Drew a bunch of Sandy from Fallout Equestria: Better Days. (Those sketches above.)
  2. On Saturday, I:
    1. Tried to work on the LLD for Resonance. Ate incorrectly for breakfast. Spent most of that time lazy and lethargic.
    2. Played a bunch of Awesomenauts.
  3. On Sunday, I:
    1. Tried to auto-generate a documentation for Resonance using Sandcastle. Took me a few hours to figure out I needed to run it on existing XML documentation, then a about another half hour to figure out MonoDevelop can also generate such documention and that I had to enable it via checkbox in the project (not solution) settings menu. Then to build it. Then took another hour to realize I had to explicitly tell Sandbox to include the global namespace in the generated docs. And once I figured all of that out, I got a very thoroughly outlined website with lotsa cool pre-made themes for the website and everything! …Which I couldn’t turn in, as the assignemnt wants a standlone doc file, not a full website.
    2. Wrote up the LLD portion for the status indicators. (Just in case anyone is wondering, the High Level Design and Low Level Design documents are supposed to be written BEFORE coding, not after. So this was backwards and a pain and felt largely redundant.)
    3. Played a freaking ton of Awesomenauts and Brave Frontier
  4. On Monday, I:
    1. Got hype for tacos! Unfortunately, they were fish tacos. On the other hand, they were serving fairly-tasty nachos and really-tasty taco-pizza. But I didn’t want to hurt myself on the pizza part of the taco-pizza, so I didn’t get too much of that. Also, BALLOONS!

      TACOS AND BALLOONS TACOS AND BALLOONS wait what do you mean it's supposed to be bubbles
      TACOS AND BALLOONS TACOS AND BALLOONS wait what do you mean it’s supposed to be bubbles. OH. And. The Mayo thing. This is that Mayo thing.
    2. Asked a friend a bunch of silly questions on Tumblr.
    3. Spent about 4 hours pouding out about a third of the LLD for Resonance.
    4. Picked up my Cap, Gown, and Tassel. Hung it up for the folds to fall out. It looks cool.

      Cap, Gown, and Tassel package.
      Cap, Gown, and Tassel package.
    5. Watched God Burns Down Equestria for Insurance Money. It was weird, but mostly-OK Youtube Poop. Above Average, but not quite there in terms of being a remix-content new story.
  5. On Tuesday, I:
    1. Spent about 6 hours pounding out the remaining third for the LLD for Resonance.
    2. Played a lot of Brave Frontier. Finally figured out that the best time to attain Idol unit is to grind them in the vortex in that map that’s only available on Tuesdays. Also figured out that grinding the same map over and over doesn’t work too well in BF because of the ‘Energy’ mechanic. Successfully evolved Shock Bow Loch to Thor Bow Loch. Got a bunch of idols of different types stored up in prep for evolving my other units.
  6. Today, I:
    1. Looked at pictures on the internet. It was fun.
    2. Had a rant and ramble about why demanding people on the internet to not do something becomes a challenge, whereas sometimes things left well alone might seem offensive but were done out of affection. Yes, fiction authors. When I draw those pics of your characters, it’s because I like those characters. Not because I want to ruin them. And while I know you might say “don’t do that” to me specifically, it doesn’t mean that I won’t. It means that instead of posting it to my usual galleries, I try to keep it to smaller circles of friends… Or sometimes it means I completely lose interest in the thing I was fawning over in the first place and stop following it, but that’s not too common.
    3. I’d kinda like to commission some work from b0rn-t0-die and see their interpretation of Sandy. Probably on an inexplicable balloon-bursting spree. I’m afraid I’ll end up being unable to afford them, though, but the only way to find out is for me to write up some specs and ask. I’ve got time today, so maybe I’ll do that.
    4. Comfirmed plans with family to move out on Sunday and turn in key just before the graduation ceremony and whatnot
    5. I plan to resume work on Super Bunny Bounce to see if I can get the core mechanics working with some placeholder objects. I’ll probably remake it using Unity 3D’s new 2D tools instead of trying to make these objects just kinda work otherwise. I’m also thinking I’ll use Ribbons Bunny as the feature character.  If I do that, I’ll probably change her color scheme to use Carrot-Orange, Glitter Gold, and Taffy Teal instead of Grass Green, Bark Brown and Lemon Yellow. The contrast should make her easier to follow and less likely to be lost in any particular background. (And I kinda favor warm colors when given an option.) You can kinda get a vague idea of that kind of contrast with this image, but it’s not exactly what I meant either.  I’ll probably also get rid of her pants (or make it optional) simply because I think it’s sillier and more entertaining that way. Kinda like how Donald rarely wears lower-body clothes, or how Sonic characters are typically nude except for shoes… Though come to think, the latter case draws attention to the fact that they run a lot. Ribbons will hop,  bounce, and rebound a lot. What clothes are good for that? (The jist of what I’m thinking of for the game is to toy around with the idea of the ‘homing attack self-projectile’. Also, since Ribbons has ribbons, she may grab things with those ribbons and pull herself to them. I’m not sure yet.) I’d also like to add joystick support for that, in addition to touch.
    6. I’d like to write a fic or so about Pokey Pierce / Pinprick. I’ve got a lot of built up headcanon about the guy, and I’ve seen some pics of Scootaloo and her implied family that are just dumping more fuel on the fire. And it especially helps that there’s so many episodes of FiM in which he or his apparent family seems to show up as well. Would be fun. Would be a long term project though, not a single day. And would probably go freaking slow. If I do it, I’ll do it in first person.

Quicksave: 11 Days to Graduation

  • Briefly experimented with C# Sockets and tried to write a basic IRC client. (Also, nearly fell asleep in Srn. Soft Eng. peer presentations today. I need to work on this sleep pattern, but it’s a bit late to care.) Thinking of making an IRC->MUSH hook. Or custom server. Either-or.
  • Watched peer Digital Multimedia presentations.
  • Gave brief presentation about Soft Robotics.
  • Turned in final TSPi spreadsheet for Srn. Soft. Eng. Started  revised LLD.
  • Played lots and lots of Awesomenauts and Brave Frontier. Both were cases of 2 victories to start, and then absolute crushing back-to-back annihilation drawn-out-desperate losses. Was ‘fun’ but not satisfying by the end.
  • A bunch of my stuff on dA was added to a new group.
  • Memo: IRC Excerpt.  If others want view permission, may click the request button.

Quicksave: 12 Days to Graduation

  1. Woke up at 10:40ish AM.
  2. Went to class. Syd (a peer) stepped class through how to develop AR games in Unity 3D with Vuforia.
  3. Ate omelette and some other stuff. Felt not-good similar to how I felt late last night. Suspecting I may be sick, or I may be way overdoing the sodium. Currently: Slightly fuzzy-headed.
  4. Found a bump in an awkward spot. Will ask family about it if it persists.
  5. Played Awesomenauts and Brave Frontier
  6. Slightly edited and shared response to early draft of PH66. Memo: Originals are attached to the email if you ever want to reread them.
  7. Wrote this.