Quicksave: Unexpected Reward : Unexpected Cost

  1. Went shopping. Bought big-bags of food. Got at least 3 days of stuff on half the amount of money as last time. Just means a lot of repeat meals.
  2. The extra Moto G is at the post office instead of delivered to box. Gonna have to go pick it up later. Soon, my mother will be able to Candy Crush anytime! Muaahahahahaaa
  3. Splatoon and SSB Still look awesome.

Quicksave: Disrespect

  • I should probably just copy-paste these posts instead of using the Publicize extension. Then Tumblr users wouldn’t need to click-through.
  • Played Awesomenauts Beta with some of the community-made bots. They’re tough.
  • Kept logging into Equestrian Dawn only to realize I really don’t want to RP there.
  • Started grinding basic items from the starter levels in Brave Frontier.
  • Felt Grumpy/uncomfortable for the bulk of the day. Never figured out exactly why, but I imagine it has to do with food.
  • Drafted commission specification document for smut I would eventually like to have Kevin Sano and Jetwave draw However, while the artists might be OK with the ideas, I’m not sure if the author of the character I intended to use would be OK with it. (In fact, I THINK they told me ‘nothing explicit’ but I didn’t save a log of what they said from however many months back when I was asking what I was allowed to draw.) Might have to just send Mime a message and ask if it’s okay. ANd if they say OK, then yay! And if they say no… then I’d probably pay to have it drawn anyway and request that the image be treated DNP, then only share it with a small circle of friends. Or. Something. But I’m no fan of the whole Do Not Post thing. The whole part of this stuff is to share!I don’t want to directly offend someone who makes things I like, but combining lots of things that I like into some superfun is supernice. Or. Something.
  • The area of my leg and shoulder that I hit when dealing with the pool about a week back still hurt when touched.

Quicksave: Name Generator


I spent the bulk of the day implementing a pony name generator that uses dictionaries spliced from existing character lists or from all of the words used in FoE and Pink Eyes. If you want to play around with it, it is available here. This wasn’t intended to be a name-gen as the focus, but I was encouraged to make a separate fork/branch that is exclusively a stable version of the name generator for fic writers.

So I might do that.

Quicksave: ReSchedule


  • Finally drew this thing I owed NitoKa for almost a year.
  • Tomorrow, my mother’s medschedule shifts. And with it, my schedule will need to shift. We’ll see.
  • Played Brave Frontier and Awesomenauts.
  • Kids broke a wineglass. Tiny glass shards all over the kitchen corner. No easy way to get it up, but I tried. I need to buy a Broom, Dustpan, and Vacuum. The old ones are ineffective.
  • DID: Units now use Skill objects for representing skills. Leveling up gives skillpoints. Still no way to actually assign those skillpoints. PLAN TO: Create a name generator. A Namer object that knows how to go through a dictionary of names to create 1-3 name combos. Then child objects like Pony Namer, Griffin Namer, Settlement Namer. Same interface. Different dictionaries and combo rules.
  • Thought about rambling and whining about a variety of topics this morning. Didn’t.
  • Considering a livestream tomorrow. Still not sure on that.

Quicksave: Uneventful

Bro and niece did grocery shopping.  I just finished watching the movie Sneakers (the 1992 movie) for my first time. Appreciated that the computer hackery there was quite a bit believable. Enjoyed the movie for the humor and stuff too. Different flavor than Hackers. Project Horizons chapter is most likely this weekend. I intend on drawing Scotch’s butt.

Quicksave: ‘Happy’ Pills

[Something something family needs meds.]

  • [7:51:53 PM] Retl: There’s some other ups and down.
  • Made slight progress on a program vaguely based on FoE.
    Played some videogames.
  • Cooked a nice meal (Chili. Browned in boiler, then added to other ingredients in slowcooker).
  • Didn’t draw as intended as I can’t find the person I was supposed to be drawing for.
  • Some frustrations with certain family members.
  •  Finally tired of playing TERA.
  •  And uh. Stuff.

[7:52:01 PM] Retl: Retl copypastes into blog.

Quicksave: Uneventful

  1. Started working on Skills prototype object for game vaguely based on PnP. Makes more sense for human readers.
  2. Relistened to FoE Heroes audiobook from ch 16 – ch 25.
  3. Sorted mother’s meds into the pill sorts. One med will be out tomorrow. The other will be out on Sunday night.
  4. Leveled more chars to 11 in Tera. Loaded an old char and found an entire quest leftover from before that is impossible to complete anymore. Not sure if I plan to play much more.
  5. Unlocked Thunder Bow in Brave Frontier. Crafted two of them. Progress in the arena has gone much easier since.
  6. Planning on doing an art livestream for someone tomorrow if all goes well. It’ll be an interesting experiment. Might not use mic, as my AC is loud, and it will very likely be running as I draw.
  7. Still sore to the touch in the spots that were hurt yesterday when trying to make the niece’s pool work.

Quicksave: Out of Character

  • PnP day. We met an enderman. Resolved peacefully.
  • Father bought the pool that we agreed we should not own.
  • Fell and hit my arm and leg when trying to check the pool’s spread.
  • Emergency Alert to summon paramedics went off inexplicably. Fortunately, they did not come. (It is expensive if they come.)
  • My Ubuntu install inexplicably no longer has Internet access.

19:00 <Get_Bonus> Okay here’s the deal
19:01 <Get_Bonus> My mother can’t supervise the pool. Brain damage and leg problems and hand problems and single eye vision
19:02 <Get_Bonus> My father buys the pool anyway, puts it outside, borrows my pump to fill it, then starts pouring water in it
19:03 <Get_Bonus> Then I come back into the house with a soaking shirt, hands covered in mud and wet up to my arms and the paramedic emergency alarm system is going off. Neither the niece or mother knows what’s going on.
19:03 <Get_Bonus> So we still hvaen’t figured out if we’re gonna go have to pay a +$100 fee for no reason
19:03 <Get_Bonus> And then I come back to my room and because REASONS my Linux install no longer can access the Internet
19:04 <Get_Bonus> And for a handful of reasons, it’s easier for me to manage pnp stuff via that install rather than Windows 7 o n this machine, as it is particularlly prone to BSoD
[Context omitted]
19:04 <Get_Bonus> It’s not a bad day. I just want to punch a lot of things.
19:04 <Get_Bonus> IRL



  • Hit level 20 in TERA. Yay!
  • Played Awesomenauts with Inkie from the MU*. Yay!
  • Looped this song over and over lots. Yay! http://music.gamechops.com/track/no-yoshin-around-ft-mega-ran
  • Got mother’s morning meds all in order… though she slept fo
  • AC adapter for EP121 has arrived. SUPERYAY!
  • Diffused awkward situation when niece was dealing with false friends. (It’s okay to tell unwanted guests no. && Kids at a computer need supervision.)
  • Mother claims she took night meds. Noone else was around to confirm or deny it. However, she forgot to take a particular med that was on the tray in front of her…
  • Saw the last 20 minutes of Prince of Persia Sands of Time movie! Yay!
  • Phonecall at 12:30AM from father indicating that something bad has happened and he feels very sick and needs a pick up. He didn’t know where he was. It took him over an hour to check the map on the phone he used to call me, figure out where he was, and report back. A family member just left as of one minute  prior to writing this to pick him up. Hope he’s already. Had awkward realization that my father dying frightens me a lot less than my mother dying, when in terms of benefits and rationality, it should be the other way around. If this turns out to also be food/heart related, it is ill omen for my future health.
  • Walked in on a puff of cigarette smoke when I should have knocked. It feels like the smell is stuck to my nosehairs and it is not-nice.

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