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Quicksave: ‘Happy’ Pills

[Something something family needs meds.]

  • [7:51:53 PM] Retl: There’s some other ups and down.
  • Made slight progress on a program vaguely based on FoE.
    Played some videogames.
  • Cooked a nice meal (Chili. Browned in boiler, then added to other ingredients in slowcooker).
  • Didn’t draw as intended as I can’t find the person I was supposed to be drawing for.
  • Some frustrations with certain family members.
  •  Finally tired of playing TERA.
  •  And uh. Stuff.

[7:52:01 PM] Retl: Retl copypastes into blog.

Quicksave: Uneventful

  1. Started working on Skills prototype object for game vaguely based on PnP. Makes more sense for human readers.
  2. Relistened to FoE Heroes audiobook from ch 16 – ch 25.
  3. Sorted mother’s meds into the pill sorts. One med will be out tomorrow. The other will be out on Sunday night.
  4. Leveled more chars to 11 in Tera. Loaded an old char and found an entire quest leftover from before that is impossible to complete anymore. Not sure if I plan to play much more.
  5. Unlocked Thunder Bow in Brave Frontier. Crafted two of them. Progress in the arena has gone much easier since.
  6. Planning on doing an art livestream for someone tomorrow if all goes well. It’ll be an interesting experiment. Might not use mic, as my AC is loud, and it will very likely be running as I draw.
  7. Still sore to the touch in the spots that were hurt yesterday when trying to make the niece’s pool work.

Quicksave: Out of Character

  • PnP day. We met an enderman. Resolved peacefully.
  • Father bought the pool that we agreed we should not own.
  • Fell and hit my arm and leg when trying to check the pool’s spread.
  • Emergency Alert to summon paramedics went off inexplicably. Fortunately, they did not come. (It is expensive if they come.)
  • My Ubuntu install inexplicably no longer has Internet access.

19:00 <Get_Bonus> Okay here’s the deal
19:01 <Get_Bonus> My mother can’t supervise the pool. Brain damage and leg problems and hand problems and single eye vision
19:02 <Get_Bonus> My father buys the pool anyway, puts it outside, borrows my pump to fill it, then starts pouring water in it
19:03 <Get_Bonus> Then I come back into the house with a soaking shirt, hands covered in mud and wet up to my arms and the paramedic emergency alarm system is going off. Neither the niece or mother knows what’s going on.
19:03 <Get_Bonus> So we still hvaen’t figured out if we’re gonna go have to pay a +$100 fee for no reason
19:03 <Get_Bonus> And then I come back to my room and because REASONS my Linux install no longer can access the Internet
19:04 <Get_Bonus> And for a handful of reasons, it’s easier for me to manage pnp stuff via that install rather than Windows 7 o n this machine, as it is particularlly prone to BSoD
[Context omitted]
19:04 <Get_Bonus> It’s not a bad day. I just want to punch a lot of things.
19:04 <Get_Bonus> IRL



  • Hit level 20 in TERA. Yay!
  • Played Awesomenauts with Inkie from the MU*. Yay!
  • Looped this song over and over lots. Yay!
  • Got mother’s morning meds all in order… though she slept fo
  • AC adapter for EP121 has arrived. SUPERYAY!
  • Diffused awkward situation when niece was dealing with false friends. (It’s okay to tell unwanted guests no. && Kids at a computer need supervision.)
  • Mother claims she took night meds. Noone else was around to confirm or deny it. However, she forgot to take a particular med that was on the tray in front of her…
  • Saw the last 20 minutes of Prince of Persia Sands of Time movie! Yay!
  • Phonecall at 12:30AM from father indicating that something bad has happened and he feels very sick and needs a pick up. He didn’t know where he was. It took him over an hour to check the map on the phone he used to call me, figure out where he was, and report back. A family member just left as of one minute  prior to writing this to pick him up. Hope he’s already. Had awkward realization that my father dying frightens me a lot less than my mother dying, when in terms of benefits and rationality, it should be the other way around. If this turns out to also be food/heart related, it is ill omen for my future health.
  • Walked in on a puff of cigarette smoke when I should have knocked. It feels like the smell is stuck to my nosehairs and it is not-nice.

Quicksave: No

  1. May have potentially given my mother a med twice. Or not. The lesson is: DO NOT GIVE/TAKE PILLS BEFORE ALL ARE OUT AND COUNTED. Once it’s swallowed, you can’t double check if it’s the right one. It SHOULD be OK though but I’ll check on her later.
  2. Play TERA Rising, Awesomenauts, Brave Frontier. Met someone who grouped with me from level 15-17ish. A healer, I think. Leveling has gotten really slow since 12.
  3. Gonna make a ‘Skill’ object instead of using an array. A little more convoluted, but better semantically and easier to tweak without copypasta garbage.

Quicksave: Bubbluv

Yay for random fun squishy bubble thingies! Also hi!
Yay for random fun squishy bubble thingies! Also hi!
  • Played more than 5 hours of TERA Rising unintentionally. Finally got a character beyond the starting areas to the first big city/town/thing with tons and tons of characters of all levels hanging out and doing stuff. Joined a guild for the MUSH I used to hang out on. Elin Healer and Elin Berzerker are now both level 11.
  • Drew the picture above for Puppy. Drawn with my old Wacom Bamboo. Still waiting on the new power supple for the EP121 to come in. If all goes well, that power supply should arrive in three days from now.
  • Made a catalog of mother’s medicines with usual use schedules and guidelines as well as purpose, known side effects, and warnings. Now I just need to turn that into a schedule to make sure she gets what she needs each day.

Now Saving: Backup PC #3


Today, I received OTG USB cables to use with my Moto G android phone. And my wireless usb keyboard in particular has an attacked touchpad for mouse cursor control. Ultimately, this means that in a pinch, my phone can now work well enough as a third backup PC should my others fail.

And to make sure that I can in fact do well enough with it, I am writing this blog entry in the described fashion.

I also found out I can use it with my Logitech gamepad to play emulators and things much better than with on-screen controls.  I found a little gotcha though, in that if I want to switch from keyboard to gamepad, I must *unplug the OTG cable from the phone*. Simply swapping the device connected to the client end of the OTG cable isn’t recognized correctly by the OS. Once I figured that out, I finished SSB on an emulator with Yoshi on Normal with 3 lives, and defeated/unlocked Ness. Almost started another playthrough as Ness, but felt kinda drowsy, and descided to get on to writing this blogpost.

Power/water/net was out earlier for a little while. A few months ago, a debit card went missing and a replacement was ordered. The replacement kept the same numbers, but had an updated expiration date. So when the lost card was invalidated, all bills coming out of autopay were failing due to the incorrect expiry. Gotta make sure I don’t fall into that same trap in the future.

Played a few more matches of Dead Island Epidemic’s Scavenger mode. It’s really important to go after the horaders when they show up as they drop a lot of supplies. Supply points are important for an early advantage and it’s good to harass them to deny the leading team, defeating the horrder gets far more points in much smaller time than capture points can, and can make a huge difference in finishing or getting the first-to-fill-the-truck bonus. Also, if you fill uncomfortable carrying the resources back to base, use G to toss them at an ally and let them carry it. If they’re overburdened, consider guarding them back or asking them to split the load with you using G.

I also updated my Tera Rising client, made RydBloons the Elin, and playerd around for a little while with the secondary healer/buffer class. It’s interesting. While I would prefer an active, direct heal, this character produces healing orb items that stay onthe ground for quite a while after being summoned. I like to imagine she’s just going around making magic healing balloons for everyone and giving them away for free. And that was a class decision I would not have through to try if not for me missing out on the Soothe ability in WildSTar when they were running the open beta. Soothe uses a variety of affects- including a bunch of balloons that burst- as an ally-target healing skill. My time back in TERA was cute and fun, but like MMORPGs tend to do, it was reallyt repetitive. I think I got up back to level 5 before I lost interest.

Listened to an Idle Thumbs podcast. Got hpyed for Gamecube adapter for WiiU and SSB Invitationals. Saw news that has me convinced I should try to get my brother and sister to switch to eCig. While some potential harms to it are unknown, for the most part, it seems to be a hell of a lot less deadly thanks to the lack of tabacco, so… yeah. The problem is the cost. They’re obviously not going to attempt the switch without assistance.


Read the new chapter of Fallout Equestria: Better Days. With the MoM warehouse demolished and the characters surviving only due to a matter of fortune, I can’t help but admit I was a little disappointed by the lack of balloons,confetti, streamers,  pastries, and chocolate milk. But there was an explosion, and that’s a good thing! also it’s entirely possible Sandy just hoarded like tons and tons of stuff she found in the building and didn’t tell anyone about. Especially if the raincoat jacket thingy has pockets.  There’s also some romance elements at play now that I dislike, but I’ll live, I guess. Long as the laughter outshines how much I dislike romance=y type things, then I will probably keep following. Or something.

No programming was done today, but I did download AIDE and Terminal IDE or something like that for Android, so in theory, I should now be able to use this phone as a programming tool with a battery life that outshines any of my laptops. So that’ll be interesting to try out. If it plays well with git, things’ll work out fine.



Quicksave: Blorg

Ate: Broccoli and Cheese Hotpockets.  Honey Turkey Slice + Oatmeal Cream Pie.


  • Folded and placed towels/rags.
  • Took out trash. Twice.
  • Washed dishes
  • Played Dead Island Epidemic (Finally tried the PvP. Also did PvE with peeps from EqDawn. ), Brave Frontier, Magicka Wizard Wars (the tutorial only. Got Code:SLUG over and over afterwards).
  • Had PC Problems on Windows and Linux. I suspect a hardware fault from when this box was assembled.
  • An odd sequence of events lead to me having to be very direct about my sexual activity with parents. I suspect a combination of miscommunication and paranoia was the cause for what was suggested.
  • Subscribed to tracking emails for all mail orders.

Quicksave: Wine Stash

PnP day today. The crew woke up, discussed stuff, found a shack, searched the shack for loot, found a bunch of fancy expensive wine and mints. Though the group has also conceded that it is probably being goaded or tracked, not chased, as they’ve been caught-up-with already.

Installed MyPaint into Ubuntu with Wine. Haven’t tried it out yet. Saw lots of pretty pictures on Tumblr.

Mother ordered pizza. Niece left pizzabox open on the counter. Roaches got in it. Retl is stubborn and scared the roaches away and ate a lot of pizza. Retl didn’t feel very good for a few hours mid-PnP, but was mostly fine.

I have no idea where the time went today.

Quicksave: Base, Ranks, Tag, Perks, Books, Items, Misc

Almost won. Alllllmost.
Almost won. Alllllmost.

1: My brother cooked BBQ meats and made a salad and beans and stuff. It was pretty tasty. Drank sweet tea.  That was dinner. Brunch was hot dogs and hamburger with hickory smoked provolone on white bread.


2:  After pondering it a while, I changed the structure of the skill stats like barter to use arrays instead. While it means we’ll probably need to write dedicated accessor and mutator methods for each of those properties so that other objects look at the sum instead of the array directly, it also means that things like level-ups and skill-point assignment don’t need to spaz out recalculating the stat directly. Just change the base (index 0) with level ups and ranks (index 2) when skillpoints are assigned after level up. And tags would be assigned during character creation or when taking certain perks to a value of 15.

Also, added Level Up button.

3: One of these days, I will die. And it will be permanent. Would that mean I saved after my death and therefore can’t undo it? o_O