Retl Compendium: The Four Elements

Everything in this world is of Balloon. All things take from balloon ofthe four elementsFwoomphThrrrubSqueak, and Bang.

Fwoomph is the most common element, that of animation.

Thrrrub is common, the element of action and reaction.

Squeak is the element of flexibility and adaptivity, free to express in several ways and often accompanied with Thrrrub.

Bang is the most volatile and definitive element, that of influence,force, and power. It is scarce and often feared.


inexplicablemychballoonfuns thatponyforsawyer-itwaslaterchanged Puppysmilesdrawnfromeverangle

Finally scanned these pencil sketches. I’ll probably do a Tumblr post about it in a second. Also have some pics on my EP121 that I need to get on-site.

Got my clothes back. Read the current chapter of Project Horizons 3 more times. Went to Multimedia, Robotics, and Senior Software Engineering.  Now have a group for SSE and we’re all games track, so we can make a game for that project. Gotta make a pitch and get a group for Games Programming II (I’ve got an idea. Just need to commit it to page). Not sure how group-assignment will work for Robotics and Multipedia. I’ll worry about those when I get there.

Bought Icebreakers mints. They taste nice.

Gonna resume PH reread at some point.


The whatnots:

Tomorrow I:

A) Can’t eat until after I get bloodwork done. Need to be checked for cholesterol and potential diabetes.

B) Move into residence halls again. Yay!

C) Go to first day of classes. This would be much easier if I make time to print the schedule.

D) Talk to advisor to make sure I can graduate this term.

E) Make sure everything is paid on properly

F) Fill out Deferment forms and contact the registrar to have it faxed to the proper people.

G) Work on commissions

H) Eat at some point. Also, don’t die.


Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons  Reread Progress:

34 – Birthday: Oh hey, Littlepip actually gets to do some stuff with Blackjack. FUN! And Blackjack gets her instruction manual thingy going.

35 – Learning: In which some random pony inexplicably (it gets explained much later in the story) explodes! Yay explosions! Also, the second portion of hanging out with the FoE vanilla crew.  Also, Hangovers.

36 – Victims: Now we’re back into the hoof, and things just brutal.  There’s some deaths in this one, but it’s no Scoodle.

37 – Winning and Losing: Another huge shift in the state of multiple party members due to the influence of Killing Joke. Also, my favorite series of explosions in the fic.

Luna’s Balloon Pop (SWF offsite) by CleverDerpy — Fur Affinity [dot] net

Stumbled across an interactive flash where Princess Luna from MLPFiM plays around with (stylistically-clashing) giant CG balloons. It’s a cute little toy, even if it’s not all that great. I had fun encountering it. Figured I’d link it. Chances are a number of people who like my stuff might get have a little bit of fun with it too.


While she does pop them, there’s no popping noises in the flash (as of writing) though there’s background music which seems to come from a selection of videogames. I at least reconize one tune from Super Mario RPG.

Leaving for Dorms in Two Days

There was a shooting outside just a few (+10 by now. Took me some time to write this) minutes ago. Quit out of my Awesomenauts match to lock all the doors and check the family. Here’s to hoping that stuff gets handled and that noone I know was involved. ._. In retrospect: I’m not sure quitting out of my game because OHSHI THEY’RE SHOOTING OUTSIDE was even the best solution, because now I’m going to be punished for my next three matches in game, Aaaaaaand if anyone were trying to get into this house, they’d probably have gotten here before I got to the doors. But eh. Much as I hate to admit it, every day I spend here, I find one more point that makes me farther understand why my mother hates living in this particular house as much as other troubles in her life brought about from the stroke.

Toys for Fillies and Foals

Silver Storm and her daughter Foundation playing with balloons.  Silver Storm is too heavy and strong to balance on hers without breaking it, but Foundation has no trouble.

Silver Storm and her daughter Foundation playing with balloons. Silver Storm is too heavy and strong to balance on hers without breaking it, but Foundation has no trouble.


Fanart for Fallout Equestria: Heroes.

Silver Storm and Foundation from <a href=””>Fallout Equestria: Heroes</a>. (At some non-specific time before the events of the story.)

Playing with balloons, which ended up in Marefort due to a merchant making an error during a transaction and having to get rid of them anyway. So now it’s theirs! And then the mother and daughter go and play whatever games they- mostly just Foundation- can come up with!
Naturally, almost all of these games involve Foundation winning and Silver losing. But that’s just the way of it.
Rougher WIP version can be viewed here:
Drawn in Firealpaca on Windows 7 with an ASUS EP121 tablet. I was on the fence as to whether or not to give dialogue to the characters or to draw in sound effects. I’m still not entirely against it, but I’m kinda at my drawing limit for the night, so onto the ponynet the picture goes!
So uh. Yeah.
Also, Fallout Equestria: Heroes is currently in my top three favorite Fallout Equestria stories. It really picks up in funnies once Flare is introduced. And I already liked Serenity, so that certainly helps my fondness for it. Worth giving the fic a try. Here’s the audiobook: