Now Saving: Not Bunny Month

Bunnies and Stuff-1 Bunnies and Stuff-2 Bunnies and Stuff-3 Bunnies and Stuff-4


At first I kinda wanted to do a Bunny Month thing where I drew a bunny for each day of the month until at least the 20th. But I’m still not feeling too great on the drawing front, and haven’t yet replaced the power cord for my EP121.

Got a lot of work done on Stable 45’s Burst Party minigame… but completely derped on working on TSHE or on making the art/story assets to fill the site. I might have to really simplify the scope of the game to get it done on time. Tomorrow, I need to remember to record footage of my daily routine for a smaller digital multimedia assignment.

Also, watching Escape from LA. It’s a fun movie, and is convenient for me to follow thanks to familiarity with Metal Gear Solid.


Upper-right pic above with the characers with multiviews? I kinda like that bodybuild for my humanoid characters and if I made 3D characters and stuff I’d like them to be styled like that.

Now Saving: I Scanner

Things I don’t want undone if I die tomorrow and have to reload my save game:

A: I have a scanner. It is right next to me and can be used to scan drawings. I will doodle and scan this months. Lotsa doodles. Because month. Except the first. day Because you know why.

B: Programming for robotics and SRNSOFTENG.

C: Bought headset to help with telecommuting in case of voice calls / screen sharing / etc. Should arrive in mail in two days.