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Quicksave: HE TOOK MY TACO

  • Tried RPing again on Equestrian Dawn. It was OK. Character interactions were reasonable and all.  But I wasn’t very entertained. I just simply don’t enjoy the whole RP thing much.
  • Net connection going in and out repeatedly for no obvious reason. Second time this has happened this week. It didn’t make the whole RPing thing any easier.
  • Niece decided to catch a ride with someone to church in advance of a pool party she wanted to go to. Then she was upset when she was late to the party. She didn’t plan that out well.
  • Split a meal order with my father. Got nachos and a taco. He got a chicken thing. When we split up, he accidentally took the taco instead of the chicken thing. It tasted OK, but was a disappointment. Nachos were OK too.
  • Keep seeing a tumblr post reblogged about Misogyny, but no guide on how to actually get help for those feelings. Doesn’t help that some of the responses about it jump to cartoonish extremes to the point of being garbage as real world advice.

Now Saving: ‘Did you call me?’

Fallout: Equestria Episode 2
REMINDER: The Fallout Equestria Radio Play Episode 2 will be streaming live today in about 3 hours. After that, there will be some downtime before it arrives on Youtube and on MP3 form. Also, I’ll note that this is one of the first particularly unkind chapters. It’s not a stable anymore.


Ate: Hotdogs, jalapeno montery jack cheese, saukraut, on hotdog buns. + white chocolate kitkat bar.

Looking forward to: FoE Radio Play episode 2. Which I might end up strongly disliking, depending on how it goes. We’ll see. But it’s never been the grim, violent, and unpleasant things that I appreciated FoE or any sidefics for.

Did: Went grocery shopping again. Hardly bought anything due to distractions and lack of planning.

Let my mother use my phone to search for things and listen to articles with Text to Speech. She nearly lost the phone and had trouble getting my attention to help her. When I got up there, she called my phone with her phone and we got them both.

Mother just took a ride to the hospital with father and someone she used to work with. Said that something felt wrong with one of her legs. Niece wanted to go. Brother and sister showed up and told her to stay. She’s unhappy about that.

Brother seems angry about something. Didn’t tell me why. Not gonna bother asking. The noise is a bother though, but he’ll probably be leaving back to work shortly.

Sister was here. Also went back to work. Yay work.


Also I’m like 3 or 4 days behind on replying to Tumblr comments now.

Quicksave: Bad Retl

Ate: Brunch: Open Reuben sandwich (Partially shared with mother). Dinner was Beef Franks with thousand island dressing, Monterrey jack and Jalepeno cheese on french bread + side of Marshmallow Mateys.

Did: Played videogames ALL FREAKING DAY.

Except for three hours.

  • Brunch, and making sure mother is OK.
  • Started working on the project I mentioned previously. Slapped together a template HTML page. Did a bit more reading about Object Oriented Design in Javascript (I’m not used to the whole class-less prototyping-based thing, but it doesn’t seem too tricky), reviewed when to use ‘var’ when declaring variables (always when in strict mode. Otherwise, use it to indicate local scope for a variable inside a function, else it will be grabbed at nearest available scope.) Glanced at ‘man man’ and ‘man gittutorial’ to remember the process of cloning, staging, committing, and pushing via commandline. Talked with father to order replacement powerplug for EP121. Discussed OTG cable for phone.
  • Dinner (Listening to FoE Heroes audiobook Chapter 29), and making sure mother is OK.

Games played: Brave Frontier, Awesomenauts, Dead Island Epidemic (New gift! Thanks, Inkie!) And I’ve been seriously considering buying into Wildstar for maybe at least one month. It turns out that Aurin can be Espers and Espers can be healers. And the healer ability ‘soothe’ makes a bunch of balloons appear for a little while and then burst. Which is like. WHAT I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR THE WHOLE TIME I WAS PLAYING OPEN BETA AND DIDN’T NOTICE. so I’d like to try that again or something

And uh. No movie night today due to Bubblegum’s vacation. A forgettable day, but not a bad one at all.

Now Saving: So! How’d your day go?

I am what I ate: Noon: McDonalds fries and plain quater pounder with cheese for breakfast, brought by one of my mother’s attenders. With ranch dip and bbq dip as my niece did not specify her usual sweet and sour. 7PM: Made two Reuben sandwiches. Seedless Rye. Corned Beef. Swiss Cheese. Saurkraut. Thousand Island Dressing.  Drank water. Also ate some Marshmallow Mateys cereal because I wanted more sweet taste.

What I did with my life:
[11:28:54 PM] Retl: So-so. I’m falling into that overly comfortable routine of playing lots and lots of games (mostly just Awesomenauts and occasionally Brave Frontier, but BF is getting really grindy now). Tried to draw a thing after t he chat was like DO IT DO IT DO IT, only to be told I drew the wrong character. Still haven’t updated my daily log thing. Wrote up an introductory paragraph to remind me of that CMS style game I sorta wanted to make. Installed and setup the development environment for the Dart language. I’m not entirely sure why I shouldn’t just write my code in javascript to begin with, but I haven’t actually USED Dart yet. Just skimmed the intro tutorials and setup.
[11:30:09 PM] Retl: And just a few moments ago, I was looking up typography for mobile and website templates for futuristic themes. I know I probably don’t need to focus too much on the look right now as opposed to just getting my ideas for the game down, organizing it, and then implementing the most important bits. But I’d really like it to look nice to start with. 6.9 Even if it were nice looking placeholders or something
[11:30:19 PM] * Retl copypastes response as daily blog.

Also, got a phishing/prank email from on Outlook. Not nice. And my niece wanted me to raise the height of her tireswing, so I spent about half an hour trying to make it higher.

Quicksave: Meh


  • Blew 3 hours on whatever that is above. Don’t like it.
  • Got graduation photo proofs in the mail. They sent me the photos from the person in front of me (coincidentally, a guy I partnered with on a project last semester). Called and got that fixed. Mother wants the photos. Dunno how much she plans to spend.
  • Paid helper lady people cleaned up mother’s old room. It looks great, now. I took out two very large, very heavy bags of ???trash???.
  • Planning to get OTG cable and use my MotoG as a mini laptop for blogging at least. If it works out. Already have a Logitech wireless USB keyboard that should do the job. And a cardboard cutout to hold the phone at a viewable angle. Because it’s more powerful than my Aspire One netbook and has a longer-lasting battery.
  • I still have no idea what to do with this package of astroglide I was gifted.
  • Made a Reuben sandwich again. It was pretty good I guess.
  • meh
  • I’m gonna go play Awesomenauts now and maybe try coding a thing tomorrow.

Now Saving: Another Graduation Ceremony

Niece had a graduation ceremony. Lasted 2 hours, a third of the length of my own. When she resumes classes, she will be attending middle school.

Ate Mashmallow Mateys. SO MUCH MALLOW YOU HAVE NO IDEA and some cereal bits here and there.

Played Awesomenauts, Brave Frontier. Played Odd Job Couriers Fallout-Equestria PnP session. We were missing a player the whole session. It was mostly fleeing and being silly. Log is here.

Got confused about a bit of FoE PH’s events with an early main character’s high-tear equipment going missing. Ryx pointed out a quote right in the first chapter explaining where it went. Thanks for finding that for me!

I drew nothing. I coded nothing. I fic’d nothing. I should write about that one time when I had the really big bang.

Now Saving: Save Frequently

I need to write these things earlier in the day. Doing it just before bed isn’t working as well here as it did in dorms/halls.

  • Today
    • Chatted with Puppysmiles on IRC. Yay!
    • No code progress
    • No fic progress
    • Planning on drawing a thing. Currently no progress.
    • Swept up a lot of spider webs. Sprayed ants.
    • Cleaned floor, counter, and dishes.
    • Installed Heart Failure Weight Monitoring device thingy on odd phone-jack that was detached from wall. If phone fails, I should check it again.
    • Niece got in trouble for back-sassing mother.  Then niece did a ‘disappearing trick’. Need to warn her against that.
    • Went grocery shopping. Bought a lot of different kinds of sandwich stuff. Also extra fruits for mother.  Hotdogs for niece. Stuffed Pretzel Sandwich for me.
    • Tomorrow is PnP day. Also, my niece participates in some end-of-semester ceremony.
  • Yesterday: I forgot. Playing Brave Frontier and Awesomenauts happened at some point.
  • Earlier days: I also forgot.



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Now Saving: Dead Battery

I thought that after graduating, I’d have a bunch to share. And truth be told, I kinda do! But I’ve been trying to readjust to living with the family and have been finding this readjustment to be the hardest part of coming back. Did finally get my desktop PC setup as a dual-monitor setup, but still haven’t unpacked my boxes from moving back in. Decided I wasn’t comfortable enough to write up the blog at my PC, so I’d boot up my EP121 and use the last of it’s battery to write up this entry. Battery’s currently at 33% percent with an estimated 50 minutes of run time.

  • Today: I worked on Super Bunny Burst II Turbo Bounce Carrot Edition  / Bunny Bounce Bubble Burst Blitz. Moving the MoveMarker now works, and the player character will follow it. It deactivated when the player reaches it and re-positioned on click.  Tried to re-build it for android, but forgot I had ADT installed on this EP121, not my desktop. Tried to rush-install it, but got weird errors that prevented the build. Updating the ADT overnight as I sleep.
  • Today: Mother fell again, but was mostly OK. Her knee is hurting her now, but she didn’t fall on anything sharp.
  • Today: Awesomenauts updated again, including the new character Sentry and the new Replay mode to rewatch matches that were played. Spectator mode doesn’t seem to be in yet, though.
  • Yesterday: Played around with WildStar and Awesomenauts, but most of my time was spent tending to family.
  • Monday: Graduation was freaking long, boring, and I wore uncomfortable (but cool-looking) shoes for the whole thing. That would be a longer post to get into. Just before the graduation, I returned the key to my room and everything. The lady who checked my room was kind enough to come a few minutes early instead of making me and my family wait outside in the uncomfortable heat until the specifically designated time (within 15 minutes). I very much appreciate that she did that, because there was no safe way my mother was going to get up those stairs. Almost everything checked out except the bedroom blinds, which will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Sunday: That was the day I moved back out of my room and back in with the family. Niece wanted to go to the mall, so we spent about an our there. I was wearing my old and kinda broken slide-on open-shoe thingies and I think I made my feet more than a little sore and swollen from walking around on those for as long as I did. Everything went fine, though.
  • Pics: I’ll post those another time, I guess.

Quicksave: PnP

Was gonna write up a thing about graduating and last days on campus and jobseeking…

And then I remembered that living with family comes with a lot of distractions. Cleaned off computer desk and have a dual monitor setup now, though.

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow.  A nice thing is happening tomorrow.

Quicksave: Achievement Unlocked

22:18 <Retl|Zzz> I almost ALMOST went to sleep early
22:19 <Retl|Zzz> But then suddnely I was like I CAN THE CODE
22:19 <Retl|Zzz> and then a google chrome extension popped out

While I’m proud to have written my first functional, practical Google Chrome extension, I do not intend to publish it. It only works with a specific site, and that site is not one I can recommend in good conscience.

And while this technically makes two saves in one day, just consider the previous one as all the posts I should have done in the days between.

When I made this blog, it was supposed to be about fictional words. I haven’t written much any of those, have I?

Also, switched BunnyBounce to work with Unity2D assets, and now works with gamepad.