Now Saving: No Meal Plans Here


Learned about for my first time.  Added author’s note to B fic from yesterday. Played a LOT of Awesomenauts. Played with 3D Ponymaker and Inkscape.

IRC was unusually quiet for the majority of the day today until late night. Making progress in a FoE Reread. Just now finishing the Shadow of the Ministries massivehuge chapter.

Ran out of TV dinners and hotdogs and whatnot in the fridge for the week’s stay. Need to go shopping for more food at some point. I miss having my meal-plan on-campus. Kinda wish I had bothered to learn to cook.

Now Saving: Plan B

breadcrumbs breadcrumbsgrey

Rough-drafted a fic. Drew a thing. Played some games. Learned the procedure for blood-sugar testing with the lancet and test machine.

My mother fell again. While trying to get icecream. Again. But I helped her get back up and it was OK. PnP day tomorrow. DST starts on Sunday.

Now Saving: Adjustment

Back with the family. Love having my soft bed again. Don’t miss a certain trouble-causing family member and her drama-baiting. Glad to see mother again, but worried. Walked in on her kinda half in the fridge and struggling to fix icecream. Played tons of Awesomenauts. At Pres9 Level 80ish. Could Pres10 by tomorrow.

Saving: Balloons

There were Mardi Gras balloons everywhere yesterday. Very pretty. More balloons of some other kind today. Also had tacos today. Put in application for a job. Working on learning JQuery during the ‘spring break’ between continuing projects. Staying with family for the week.

Now Saving: Uneventful.

Very little done. Worked on SrnSoftEng project for Team No Contest. Worked on a new fic that will be revealed later. Currently at 245 words of 500 minimum. New MLPFiM episode was adorable but forgettable. <- Sums up my day fairly well

Now Saving: Four Hours

Tweaked The Seas Have Eyes. Now it uses the rigid body and forces to move around rather than forced translations.

The Web Team is looking for new workers. I got excited about it, and then realized I’d be graduating about the time I could get hired, and I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to continue staying in this area.

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