I was gonna upload videos of my robot from class, but had trouble uploading.

Went to classes. Did FoE IRC chatting. Bought new Umbrella, Gloves, and new 8GB flashdrive.  Installed Windows 8.1 on my ASUS EP121 .

Possibly sick. Runny nose and sore throat all day long.



Spent six hours working on a Candy.Red Q-Type prototype in Unity. Nothing polished, but I think it gets across general the idea of what kind of game I’m trying to make. In its current state, the most fun thing to do is to knock the attacking block high up into the air and try to meet up up and knock it around some more.

Did some doodles on the bus. I’ll post those later. Reread FoE Heroes from mid chapter 7 to the start of 10. 9 has the first time inside Clips and Clops, though he had been seen from outside prior. ¬†9 is also where a certain weapon gets its name. 9 is also where a certain pair of ponies were dresses. It’s a fun chapter. I thought I had more to say about it, but it slipped from my mind.