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Daily: What Napkins and Tacos Have In Common

Was distracted by saucy things most of the morning. Went to eat breakfast via 11:20 AM bus. Made the mistake of eating a cinnamon bun. Felt awful until around 4PM. Took bus at 4:50PM for dinner. I ate so many tacos. It was freaking tasty. Had gas afterwards though.

Had about an hour or two of time taking up trying to handle recent drama that surfaced on the IRC.  Played hours of Awesomenauts from around 7PM – 11PM. Got a message about the Games II project. Flailed around for an hour to manually merge my old project with the empty project my partner created. Finally figured out how to use powershell enough to find out I simply didn’t have write permissions  for the repo. Forked the repo to my own account, cloned, pushed my commit, and sent a pull request. With any luck, that should get merged tomorrow morning. I like the idea of Github, but I clearly have a bunch more to learn about it.

So… NAPKINS. Sometimes when I’m eating lunch, I’ll start having idle thoughts or whatever. Typically, there might be a napkin nearby and a pen in my pocket, so sometimes I’ll just grab a napkin to jot a note for later and then stuff that in a pocket. Often, the napkins don’t make it back to my room without me accidentally discarding them, but sometimes they do make it back.


This one is a few days late. I think my reasoning behind this is that the variety of still-active gadgetry and robotics that MoM might have been partly involved with during the war is largely still going during the age of the wasteland. What would those be called? Remanants? Reavers? Mavericks? Faults? (I kinda like Fault, because of a mindset that came with the following line of thought:)

At some point I was thinking like ‘What if there was somepony, either some descendant of an MoM official or a magically still-around (think FoE Ghouls or FoEPE Ghosts) who made it a job of theirs to track down old projects they were involved with and shut them down / recollect them / repair them? Because of the changed scenario after the unanticipated scenario of the war being lost, a variety of mid-war technology behaves erratically and is often hostile. So there might be times where it’s safer or best for the wastelands that the seeking pony to destroy things instead of do whatever else they had set out to do, possibly permanently preventing their goal. Like for example, if each robot contains records of all network nodes connected to in a timeframe, then they might be following connection logs of bots to map out Equestria or generally find their way through the things they’ve created. And thus, if these malfunctioning faulty things are that pony’s fault, then they could be out to make up for ‘their fault’ and stuff. Or. Something.


This note was from earlier in the day, when I was thinking on the FoE fics I’ve read with young protagonists. I started to wonder what the perception of the world would look like through a pony if they were infact still in the mindset and realm of a Saturday morning cartoon (which came to mind due to the most recent chapter of FoE Second Wind.)

The bottom portion of that same napkin was some idle thoughts on an idea: What if ethical steps taken to make sure “Artificial Intelligence” in Equestria doesn’t morph to become a superior being to ponies while also not becoming some particularly abused suffering slave-like entity. So if one super smart smartypants matrix-talisman-spell-weaving unicorn releases the source incantation for a part-of-the-way-there type of almost sentient-AI while trying to live up to all of the standards and expectations of his usual peers had their project picked up by a young developer  who ‘fix’ed it into a very much sentient form by removing code that existed solely for facilitating ethical behavior from the software, what would happen?

Also, I started reading Fallout: Equestria – The Hooves of Fate. It’s deceptively cute for its premise, and addresses pre-war pony views on the idea of war and the violence of the wastelands.  Good fun.

I was planning to write a resume tonight. I guess I’m gonna have to do it in the morning. One way or another, it needs to be done very soon.