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Leaving for Dorms in Two Days

There was a shooting outside just a few (+10 by now. Took me some time to write this) minutes ago. Quit out of my Awesomenauts match to lock all the doors and check the family. Here’s to hoping that stuff gets handled and that noone I know was involved. ._. In retrospect: I’m not sure quitting out of my game because OHSHI THEY’RE SHOOTING OUTSIDE was even the best solution, because now I’m going to be punished for my next three matches in game, Aaaaaaand if anyone were trying to get into this house, they’d probably have gotten here before I got to the doors. But eh. Much as I hate to admit it, every day I spend here, I find one more point that makes me farther understand why my mother hates living in this particular house as much as other troubles in her life brought about from the stroke.